1. Y

    Broken textures?

    So I recently started modding TerraTech, and I decided to make a custom corp and blocks, but when I did the UV maps and textures, its all ugly and has these weird spots. They look absolutely fine anywhere else Blender and Unity They only look weird in the game All the UV maps except the albedo...
  2. xSoNz

    Need help with TTMM or Mods that are being used

    Apparently the shield or repair bubbles don't show up anymore. When i try to validate TerraTech files it says that 1 file failed to validate, and it re-acquires it, BUT the TTMM doesn't work anymore if i do that, and the bubbles work fine without TTMM or the mods. However, when i install the...
  3. BlueSquare - GC/HE solar panels' animations don't line up with audio

    This always happens when placing either a GeoCorp or Hawkeye solar panel on an anchored Tech/anchoring a Tech with either solar panel on it. The GeoCorp one finishes it's animation after the sound is finished, and in the Hawkeye one's case, the sound finishes after the animation is finished.
  4. A

    (Ver1.4.9)(PC)Bomber command Turret spawning

    for the bomber command quest only 2 of the turrets spawned and the game thinks all 3 spawned so the quest is impossible, I have tried to kill the marked turrets but it just glitches out and says kill first turret while moving on to another turret until it gets to the phantom turret. Game mode...
  5. L

    stable 1.4.9 glitch hubl

    i glitch hubl out. how the only thing i know is that he spoke to me. then i went 2.2 kilometer away came back for this one and now he is still here.
  6. Potato

    [Stable 1.4.9, Official Modding Tool] Bugs encountered during Nuterra porting

    (I'm not sure where to post this thread since this is a Bug related to the Official Modding tool so just move this thread if necessary, thanks :) ) Title says it all - I'm already in the process of porting all of my blocks to Official modding and eventually have it published in the Steam...
  7. B

    Invasion crashes game?

    So I was just trying to go to an outpost, then an invasion spawns. I think nothing of it. I go to wait it out till it drops but then when the counter reaches 0 it crashes my game. I try to run away but nothing works to be able to get far enough away. What do I do?
  8. K

    stuck driving backwards

    Hello after a while of not playing i decided to load up the game again to see if there is anything new which there was as of the last few updates. but also a bug which causes my tech to be stuck in reverse. forcing me to move forward which works but soon as i let go of W i one again move...
  9. R

    Structures disappearing ?? (1.4.8)

    I've been away from the base for a good 6 hours to do missions, around 6km away. as I come back to the motherland, my structures are gone, yet they're still on the minimap including the SCU icons. any ideas on how to get the structures back without rolling back to an old save? the images I'm...
  10. F

    Crafty Mike won't spawn...

    I am trying to complete the Craftier Business mission, but when I approach the mission location, Crafty mike isn't there, and neither is the base. The mission doesn't start, nothing happens. Is there a way to fix this?
  11. H

    Save Game didnt load

    I have googled and tried to fix this problem, but my autosave and my last manual save do not appear in the game even though their files are still where they should be. I cant get them to show and might have just lost 5 hours of gameplay. How do i fix this
  12. I

    Block placement glitch

    Blocks appear red when i try to place,even though there is nothing blocking the way.If i try to place ,it doesn't and just throws the blocks on the ground.This happens on techs with no cab as well if it helps.
  13. B

    Nuterra World Editor Abandoned?

    after activating the mod (ALT + E) the object flies into my camera over and over. wondering if it'll be fixed or not.
  14. A

    Multiplayer compatible Range mod?

    Currently, the built in Range mod that increases range for your guns doesn't work in multiplayer. Is this an issue specific to multiplayer with any range altering mod? Or is it possible to have that mod reworked so its multiplayer compatible? Thanks a ton in advance for any help, been really...
  15. fishsayhelo

    Really buggy audio for the zero propellers

    The zero propellers seem to have a really high tendency to cause this annoying audio bug, sometimes it happens when I load in a craft with the propellers(this seems to have the highest chance to consistently cause the bug- seems like a good 20-30%chance to happen) and other times when I switch...
  16. jolo_

    game crashes by destroying the powercore tech in lazar labs

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/646016490025254972/760111994430291988/unknown.png theres a picture of the bug i already tried destroying it with every weapon but it never works i tried it 50 times it crashed 50 times if u destroy it u crash i hope this gets fixed soon
  17. ∑∆®†∫n.

    Suzie Vroom not blasting off after Venture licence mission

    This is a bit of a weird bug, i was doing the mission for the venture licence and upon completion of the race track an enemy tech was following my nimble but unarmed airplane as Suzie Vroom was congratulating me for beating the race , so like any smart person i ran away like a coward until they...
  18. L

    ( Unstable) RR Tesla kills do not count as a proper kill for HE tech killing missions.

    https://gyazo.com/d5022dddd5f9abe8e6c591adc3905208 Yes my tech is modded, but the coil is unchanged at all. not sure if it's an oversight or not.
  19. P

    [PC] [] Guns no longer aim up and down.

    Playing in version (I think). Have a tech with venture hail fires and some megaton cannons. Have done some testing with different weapons and techs. The last time I played (3 months) the hail fires could aim up almos 45 degrees? Now they just fire forwards and shoot the ground instead...
  20. S


    A bug in my campaign prevented trading stations from offering missions. All trading stations are affected, including newly generated ones. This occured after completing the Tesla Mission for RR. I posted a thread before, but got no response from devs.