1. P

    This new corporation has a great glitch!

    With the new reticule research corporation you get many new weapons. One of these is the zero-gravity gun. While using it I somehow accidentally shot myself and then decided to build on this idea. So if you place the zero-gravity gun down and put a box around it, but at the front where the gun...
  2. S

    [1.4] [PC] - BF's Anti-Gravity Engines are Bugged to the point they are pretty unuseable.

    Platform: PC Game version 1.4 Frequency: 100% Game Mode: Tested in R&D only. Description: Anti-Gravity will not work on every single block. Despite being in range, it being the only block in it's radius. Affected blocks are random. They won't light up during the purple flicker...
  3. Aardvark123

    [1.4] Trading Station on Track during "Race Against Time"

    When I started the Venture license mission recently, I found a trading station right in the middle of the racetrack. It was in a world just recently made in version 1.4 without any modification. I was able to drive around the station and complete the mission, but even so, it seems like an...
  4. 1

    Invalid block placement bug

    So, I just started up a new game, and just got past the point when the GSO tells you to "fly, little bird." The bug is this: Blocks fail to place is clearly visible "ok" spots. This mostly happened with the 1x1x1 GSO block, but I also found that is happened with that small starter gun/turret...
  5. Luracasmus

    High Quality Tire Tracks

    The Graphics Option High Quality Tire Tracks doesn't work and automatically disables on restart. This issue is in both TT Stable and TT Unstable.
  6. General Douglas

    [1.3.10] Damage Shows Up On R&D Scale

    I have discovered from pure randomness that shooting the scales in the R&D Testing Zone with high DPS weapons actually yields a result! I have found it easiest to replicate this bug by using the Venture Dual Auto Cannons, this also proves that the damage type does not have to be explosive...
  7. C

    [1.3.10] [PC] [Steam] Venture License Quest "Race Against Time" disappeared and won't spawn again.

    Frequency : No clue it's my first game Game Mode : Campaign Description : When I attempted the Venture license giving mission the first time, I tryed 2 or 3 times and did not success. I came back hours later with better techs, and the race path and the NPC both disappeared. I tryed loading...
  8. D

    TT not working with ultrawide for some reason.

    Terratech wont work with my ultrawide monitor since today (it used to work fine). I have tried everything what people suggested on the discord but nothing worked.
  9. Z

    Hover Training Novice missing trial gate

    Version 1.3.9 (T1583258326 9ca75a18) Seed JbFImVE3fPrKxGj Platform Window 10 I cannot find Better Future Hover Training Novice mission trial gate/starting point/obstacle/trial ring, only found NPC Hubl, brought its hoverplane still no progress, cannot cancel mission even when >500m away, seems...
  10. Q

    [1.3.9][PC, Steam] Broken loading of manual saves

    Hello! I faced that bug in campaign. If I have a lot of manual campaign game saves (more than 40-50 manual saves), loading the last manual save starts the game from the beginning (just from the intro with falling bomb and TerraTech logo) as if I pushed "New Game" button. After in intro I try...
  11. Q

    [1.3.9][PC, Steam] Hawkeye Armor wrong "fragility"

    Hawkeye Armor plates (all plates if I'm not mistaken) have wrong "fragility". I found that scrolling the list of block info (thank you HeX) (link: https://forum.terratechgame.com/index.php?threads/terratech-block-list-and-info.18735/#post-131810 ). All Hawkeye Armor plates have fragility=1.0...
  12. Q

    [1.3.8][PC, Steam] [SOLVED] Strange fuel tank capacity stacking

    Hello! I made some test in order to find out how fuel tank capacity stacking works. And I found strange bug (or it is a feature?). Fuel tank capacity stacking is not linear as it was expected. Firstly, lets consider common (normal) linear stacking of capacities. For example, it works excellent...
  13. B

    Suggestion - Extractor Block, Collider filter and RenderBatch

    Hi! My feedback and suggestions after few month of playing. Extractor block: Concept: A block that have a filter with block allow to extract some block from player inventory and put it in to world. Usability: Too many blocks in inventory are unused in late-game, Its good to have ability to...
  14. General Douglas

    [1.3.8] Workshop Items Gone (Fixed)

    Steam did its usual Tuesday updates fairly recently and I took to the workshop to see what was new, only problem was... the different filters and the "hot" tech slideshow were gone. This is the case for both my browser and Steam's app and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the...
  15. General Douglas

    [] Explosive Damage Changes

    Testing out the improved Type 45 today led me to bring out the Mk.3 for a solid comparison, however I noticed that the damage figures of the Mk.3 were off. Curious, I decided to see if there were other changes in weapon figures and found the following: The Mk.3 Battleship Cannon dealt 6500...
  16. General Douglas

    [] DPS Target Madness

    Alright, so we all know that using the tech manager one can change a tech from an enemy to a friendly... Amazingly enough this also applies to the DPS Target that Reticule Research has generously provided for our testing: Now; when changed to a friendly, the target actually becomes a block...
  17. General Douglas

    [] Enemy Tech Switching in R&D

    In 1.3.7 R&D we were able to use T+RMB to convert any tech to an enemy, as of the latest update we now use the tech manager but the "T Feature" has been removed. I found that it was much more convenient to use than going into the tech manager as it is nearly instantaneous, while the tech manager...
  18. S

    Xbox One: Spider King Mission has vanished and won't reappear in Trading Stations.

    Hello, So far, my experience with this game has been fantastic. Very few bugs, awesome features and visuals, constant updates, tight-knit community, However, today I found a bug that actually made me quite annoyed. My main goal of the playthrough was to take over the Spider King's Lair for...
  19. D

    Invisible barriers pteventing me from travel

    On console, specifically xbox one, there seems to be invisible barriers preventing people from exploring in both campain and creative modes. I experienced it in my creative world where i couldnt go past -2001 1258 I have no idea what is happening nor why its happening.
  20. ∑∆®†∫n.

    Damage Calculator Bugs (2)

    I was testing the damage calculator when i decided to use a hawkeye auto cannon to see the DPS, then i noticed that some bullets went through the target and dealt no damage to it, resulting in fluctuations with the DPS dealt, when shot from the side, the phasing would be reduced a considerable...