1. RC-3197

    1.3.3 PC - GSO Race Against Time Mission with Max Venture License (Duplicate Venture License)

    Platform: PC Game version: 1.3.3 Frequency: 100% Of The Time Game Mode: Single Player Campaign Description: The GSO grade 3 mission "Race Against Time" (The mission that gives you the venture license) is showing up at trading stations even though my venture license is at max. If I complete...
  2. Noobap

    Buried Better Future race Checkpoint

    I made an account just to post this image also can devs plz fix it
  3. MrTwister

    [1.3.x.x] - (Coop) Anchored techs going up and up each time out of sight

    Self-explanatory from the picture. 1) Anchor anything 2) Go outside of rendering distance 3) Return 4) It is anchored a few meters up now Repeat 1-4 and keep going up und up. Applies only to coop modes. Please fix asap.
  4. I

    Ghost resources

    Hello. Maybe someone already wrote about it, but I didn't find it. In multiplayer co-op bug with trees. I play with a friend in survival (he is host). In world there is Ghost trees, I have trees there are, have friend - there is no. I can't collect them. In fact it is a mistake not only with...
  5. C

    [Console] My SCU disappeared because of BA

    So I went to place my SCU to pick up a tech I had destroyed (because I horde all of the blocks). When I went to place it the game prompted me with "you have reached BA blah blah blah would you like to put this tech in storage" and I hit the b button and my SCU disappeared. I clipped it and you...
  6. P

    [1.2][PC] - (Better Future Anti-Grav Race Track Quest) Ring in the the ground

    I'm playing on the PC 1.2 version in the campaign, take the antigrav race track quest and one of the rings spawns into the ground making it impossible to complete. Additional files https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f82y_n-eSGr0iLEA4OV8HF_A1dYv5_Oz?usp=sharing
  7. The Grand Teki

    Return to checkpoint alignment bug

    The left tech was driven forward from the spawn point without steering, and the left tech (perfectly aligned) was loaded in, facing north. Also, shouldn't we spawn facing north, either by flipping around or making north be in the other direction? Also, please excuse the black bars, it's 21:9...
  8. HeX

    [] Flamethrower Bug(?)

    Title and attached video. Yes the game is modded but afaik, mods don't affect vanilla weapons and their "team" values. Haven't checked with stable yet. Also Hawkeye explosive bolts do self damage.
  9. Cloud

    No wheel sound at all

    Wheels make no sound at all. Turning, forward, backwards, nothing. No sound emits from them. Legionite assumes the problem is based on the hover playback sound.
  10. T

    Crafty Business I bugged? [Resolved]

    I started a new campaign because of all the new stuff and got to Crafty Mike's first mission. At first it wouldn't let me place the receiver, which was fixed by reloading the save. The same problem occured with the refinery afterwards. This time reloading wouldn't help so I re-accepted the...
  11. AstraTheDragon

    FORUM BUG: Imgur image background no longer hosted.

    I'm aware that some issues may arise due to a certain deletion, but this is my first experience of any issue. My lovely TT Scenic View (Sam Dark) is replaced with an Imgur error message which seems to say that my background is unavailable or nonexistant. I'll just drop these here...
  12. S_JP

    BetterFuturehoverSteering blocks weight and output are wrong.

    TerraTech Version I tried both the official version and TT_ Unstable. BF Hover Steering 112 is so heavy Outputs of blocks 1x2 and 2x2 are extremely small Comparing the outputs with the same number of cells, the outputs of 1 × 2 and 2 × 2 were low. There should be more output than...
  13. Warning220

    TT unstable 1.0.24 Black fog

    In the campaign after the defence turret mission i put on the 1 pound cannon a black fog started appearing and it slowly started filling up the screen
  14. ZeroGravitas

    [] Tripple Hubl - repeated (Better Future) licence missions

    The first time I loaded my campaign save, next to a trade station, I clicked the mission banner, saw the new BF mission, then close the menu (to start recording), then when I re-opened it a second version appeared, then again for a 3rd. But no more. So, three Hudls and no dialogue. It worked OK...
  15. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  16. Warning220

    I have a problem please help

    So im not a new player but i do need help for the past few updates terra tech when launched will open and the be stuck on a black screene with the terra tech cursor. Anyone know how to fix this please help.
  17. reaperx1

    Block Removal Bug

    I have seen this bug for a long time now and it is probably been reported a hundred times, but here is another reminder. The bug is one that seems to happen to random blocks when building large techs and when you try to remove the lucky block that gets the bug the game crashes as seen in the...
  18. Mindlessmrawesome

    [1.0.2] says it spins but really doesn't

    see how it says Spins (Shift) yeah you kinda made it so they don't really do that anymore, whenever you press shift you lift your lift up but it will never come back down. Same thing with ctrl. Maybe make it so that controls like those that are normally for on/off controls (shift and ctrl)...
  19. Potato

    [1.0.2] GSO Cab Wheel misaligned

    I saw a comment from the Terratech's Update post saying that GSO's back left wheel's misaligned. I checked if it was true and well... It is. So uh, pls fix lol
  20. Revolver265

    [1.02] Cannot block paint on certain blocks.

    [1.02][Windows 10] - Block Painting in R&D buggy when taking controls of a previously enemy tech. (Due to rarity of occurance, I highly doubt this should be a high-priority bug) I let the game sit for a few hours when I fell asleep, and when I went into R&D, the game started producing minor...