1. O

    [1.4.16][Windows 10] - Hubl won't spawn

    Platform PC Game version 1.4.16 Frequency Happened once Game Mode Survival Description I was traveling to the marker of Hover training intermediate mission from Hubl (I think it was the second one) but as soon as I got there nothing happened. It still detected the mission area because techs...
  2. ScienceDiscoverer

    I have a problem with component factories in a huge production base

    The problem is, component factories (CF) change their production pattern in a huge tech with many factories/scrappers compared to smaller techs. In a smaller tech CFs work like this (Coffman Cell, for example): Gears - production. Right arrow component moves into factory from conveyor. Down...
  3. Geocorp Jumper

    Can We Please Fix Collectors/Resources?

    *sigh* Please tell me I’m not the only one who runs into this issue: you build a neat idea for a harvesting tech, take it out for a spin and start collecting resources, and before long your tech starts to magically float up and flip over. Of course, it’s not magic, and it’s no fun either; what...
  4. J

    False resources

    While playing with my friends the resources that they collect appear just for them in their game but for me. And when they go to deliver it nothing is delivered because for me (the host of the server) the resources aren't there. It also happen for my car that for them appear with large piles of...
  5. W

    i attached the wrong thing on whimpy

    i attached a venture shield bubble projector on whimpy and couldnt take it off can somebody help me please?
  6. M

    friends cannot see mods in co-op

    well so basically me and my friends wanted to play modded co-op campaign but they cannot see any modded blocks even though they are subscribed to them (on steam workshop) so does anyone know what to do? the mods that i wish to play with my friends are Lemon Kingdom, NOVA and a few skin mods
  7. M

    Eneimes that come down during missions

    Over 6 times now eneimes from space come down and I have to move or it will destroy me. 2 times I did not notice and my tech was completely destroyed. Would love for this to not happen. On steam
  8. X

    The Geo Corp auto miner wont mine...

    I place a geo corp auto miner on top of a resource vein and it is not mining. Any help?
  9. A

    900M Time Trial Bug

    Hi, The starting gate doesnt load for me for this mission, and its a mission I cant cancel and relaunch. When i arrive at the yellow ?, its just an empty space, iv done the race course without the gate and nothing happened which isn't surprising. But i cant seem to make the gate show up.
  10. Geocorp Jumper

    1.4.13 Stable PC - Resource Lift

    PC 1.4.13 Stable As far as frequency, I believe this bug has been around for a while, but this seems to be an extreme incident involving it. The issue persisted any time I had resources on my collectors. R&D Labs So, while I had resource chunks on my tech, the tech was frequently tipping...
  11. Fichom

    [1.4.12][PC Steam] - (BF) Anti-gravity time trial mission stuck

    Platform: PC, no DLCs Game version: 1.4.12 Frequency: Happened to me once. Game Mode: Campaign, Anti-Gravity Time Trial (BF Lvl 2) mission Description: I was working on my anti-grav hover craft for the Anti-Gravity Time Trial (BF Lvl 2) mission, and I started it once on accident before being...
  12. Y

    Broken textures?

    So I recently started modding TerraTech, and I decided to make a custom corp and blocks, but when I did the UV maps and textures, its all ugly and has these weird spots. They look absolutely fine anywhere else Blender and Unity They only look weird in the game All the UV maps except the albedo...
  13. xSoNz

    Need help with TTMM or Mods that are being used

    Apparently the shield or repair bubbles don't show up anymore. When i try to validate TerraTech files it says that 1 file failed to validate, and it re-acquires it, BUT the TTMM doesn't work anymore if i do that, and the bubbles work fine without TTMM or the mods. However, when i install the...
  14. BlueSquare - GC/HE solar panels' animations don't line up with audio

    This always happens when placing either a GeoCorp or Hawkeye solar panel on an anchored Tech/anchoring a Tech with either solar panel on it. The GeoCorp one finishes it's animation after the sound is finished, and in the Hawkeye one's case, the sound finishes after the animation is finished.
  15. A

    (Ver1.4.9)(PC)Bomber command Turret spawning

    for the bomber command quest only 2 of the turrets spawned and the game thinks all 3 spawned so the quest is impossible, I have tried to kill the marked turrets but it just glitches out and says kill first turret while moving on to another turret until it gets to the phantom turret. Game mode...
  16. L

    stable 1.4.9 glitch hubl

    i glitch hubl out. how the only thing i know is that he spoke to me. then i went 2.2 kilometer away came back for this one and now he is still here.
  17. Potato

    [Stable 1.4.9, Official Modding Tool] Bugs encountered during Nuterra porting

    (I'm not sure where to post this thread since this is a Bug related to the Official Modding tool so just move this thread if necessary, thanks :) ) Title says it all - I'm already in the process of porting all of my blocks to Official modding and eventually have it published in the Steam...
  18. B

    Invasion crashes game?

    So I was just trying to go to an outpost, then an invasion spawns. I think nothing of it. I go to wait it out till it drops but then when the counter reaches 0 it crashes my game. I try to run away but nothing works to be able to get far enough away. What do I do?
  19. K

    stuck driving backwards

    Hello after a while of not playing i decided to load up the game again to see if there is anything new which there was as of the last few updates. but also a bug which causes my tech to be stuck in reverse. forcing me to move forward which works but soon as i let go of W i one again move...
  20. R

    Structures disappearing ?? (1.4.8)

    I've been away from the base for a good 6 hours to do missions, around 6km away. as I come back to the motherland, my structures are gone, yet they're still on the minimap including the SCU icons. any ideas on how to get the structures back without rolling back to an old save? the images I'm...