1. R

    [1.5.3 Steam PC] R&D Quests not firing, even after reloading from previous saves

    I've got the quest "Tinkering with Circuitry" and upon arriving at the quest start location, nothing happens. I've tried running ATOM over in different crafts, shooting him, and offering him blocks. Nothing. Reloaded a previous save from before i did the hide and seek part, found him again, got...
  2. B

    TT Multiplayer - able to spawn "advanced" techs with locked blocks for FREE

    Hello, I've been playing a multiplayer campaign with my brother and we've noticed a major flaw. We are both able to deploy our own saved techs from our single-player saves for FREE and it spawns blocks that should be otherwise missing/locked (in our multiplayer campaign). This means that I can...
  3. Y

    Rook creek bridge. TT stable version, latest as of dec 2023

    I encountered the boss after crossing the line and managed to defeat him after dying twice. He did not fall do his death to be clear, I shot out his cab using some 3-pound cannons. Some of his stuff did fall into the valley but he was dead before that. The issue I am facing is that now the...
  4. T

    [1.5.3 Stable][PC Windows] - Tesla Coil damages own tech

    Platform PC (Windows) Game version 1.5.3 - Stable Frequency Guaranteed occurrence. Game Mode All Game modes Description When RR Tesla Coils strike an enemy in very close proximity to friendly blocks (including your own), it will also deal damage to them. Steps to reproduce Reproducing...
  5. K

    cant use multiplayer

    From 3 different PC's using the same Steam account I tried to play multiplayer, and yet EVERY time somebody tries to connect to me or I try to connect to them, their game AND steam crash and I get a disconnect. what I tried: Different PC's Different internet access points Turning OFF firewall on...
  6. F

    [Bug Report] Fusion Block

    Mod link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2761170431 Game crash every time when I press X with reusable BF fusion block. I tried disabling all other modes and game still crash.
  7. Z

    Bug regarding 'antigrav switch/magnet switch'

    Hi there, Recently i have been experiencing a bug that if i summon a saved snapshot that contains a antigrav switch or/and a magnet switch they get turned on upon summoning even tho they where turned off when saving said snapshot. I'm assuming this is a bug since this is not the case for let's...
  8. M

    Please get ride of the f baron shrine

    Please get ride of the f baron shrine and it's variants it is stupid I like a challenge not a stuipd shrine it spawns all the time
  9. M

    Save / Load menu appear blank.

    whenever I want to load or save the game, the tab always appears blank even though the game clearly detects my save file. I've checked the save folder and nothing was wrong there, I can still load the game by clicking the 'Continue' button and I can still save too which means the problem is...
  10. Mr_Tiki

    translation in french missing

    [version 1.5][steam] - translation in french missing Platform PC Game version 1.5 Frequency i try 1 time because i forgot to save to an other saving file Game Mode campagne Description when we need to find the scientifique guy at a moment he speak English ans not french Steps to reproduce...
  11. M

    Slippery Slope

    When I'm on the ramp going up to the area with jump to hoplop part (I tried 22 times) it keeps saying I missed a checkpoint but there isn't one I could have missed. I looked all around no checkpoint. I have mods but I made a new game with my mods tried it something. I'm on steam version
  12. M

    Slipery slopes

    I noticed slippery slopes is not even working always says incompatible part even when I go through the start with the gso cab. With mods. Needs to be fixed.
  13. R

    I cant save any techs

    Whenever I try to save a tech the game just freezes and im stuck so I have to fully restart my pc. The game doesn’t say it crashed though. This happens every time.
  14. Sozin

    PSA: Guide to Ideal (Mod) Bug Reporting

    This is a guide for the ideal way to report bugs with mods. It details all the steps needed to give the modders the best chance possible of fixing the bug Go through every single mod you have, carefully read the descriptions and requirements Mods may have requirements added or removed at any...
  15. Firered-1987

    [] [PC] Cabless & Unanchored Techs Replication in Singleplayer

    So while i was trying to build a tech that used magnets in the RnD Game mode,I've accidentally stumbled upon this Bug that allowed you to make Cabless Techs,and after enough experimenting. found a way to consistently replicate it. [Steps] Spawn a Cab,do not take control of it. Attach block(s)...
  16. O

    [1.4.16][Windows 10] - Hubl won't spawn

    Platform PC Game version 1.4.16 Frequency Happened once Game Mode Survival Description I was traveling to the marker of Hover training intermediate mission from Hubl (I think it was the second one) but as soon as I got there nothing happened. It still detected the mission area because techs...
  17. ScienceDiscoverer

    I have a problem with component factories in a huge production base

    The problem is, component factories (CF) change their production pattern in a huge tech with many factories/scrappers compared to smaller techs. In a smaller tech CFs work like this (Coffman Cell, for example): Gears - production. Right arrow component moves into factory from conveyor. Down...
  18. Geocorp Jumper

    Can We Please Fix Collectors/Resources?

    *sigh* Please tell me I’m not the only one who runs into this issue: you build a neat idea for a harvesting tech, take it out for a spin and start collecting resources, and before long your tech starts to magically float up and flip over. Of course, it’s not magic, and it’s no fun either; what...
  19. J

    False resources

    While playing with my friends the resources that they collect appear just for them in their game but for me. And when they go to deliver it nothing is delivered because for me (the host of the server) the resources aren't there. It also happen for my car that for them appear with large piles of...
  20. W

    i attached the wrong thing on whimpy

    i attached a venture shield bubble projector on whimpy and couldnt take it off can somebody help me please?