bug reporter

  1. S

    EXP Platform/Ramps bug

    This is very block specific, but any of the platform or ramp blocks make some movement pieces not function. The Hawkeye Big Daddy wheel immediately locks up when on any of the platform or ramp pieces, I have tested other movement types with little issue but the Big Daddy wheel is one that...
  2. Zed

    [0.8.1] Creative Mode Bug Report Output Log

    Random bug report was generated while flying around in creative mode; attached is the output log for reference.
  3. Zed Creative Mode Bug Report Crash.

    While attempting to go through snapshots ingame with unstable the second tech I loaded within a salt flat biome prompted an internal bug reporter crash. Steps Taken: Opened creative mode fired gun on GSO cab to leave build beam loaded the Venture Ornithopter mk4 Swapped to...
  4. Zed Bug Report Window

    A Bug Report window occurred while placing a rolling STUD laser upon an anchored and charging tech; Despite the bug report prompting the exit of the TerraTech Instance no Crash Folder was Generated so here is the savegame file / Output log. This could be related to...