1. Epb7304

    selective anchoring

    buff it... please I should not have to struggle for 15 minutes until I physically move the anchor lower down for it to anchor properly, why is this so hard? please increase anchor reach
  2. Epb7304


    either buff them... or remove them personally, how invasions are currently I just find them annoying I normally in my worlds just let them spawn and then get a few 10's of thousands of miles away from them, and they never annoy me again either remove them entirely or let there be more then 1...
  3. YaYYeeT

    8-Barrel Mini Mortar Buff

    The 8-Barrel Mini Mortar(if that's how to spell it but I'm too lazy to check the forums)is honestly terrible like all mortars. It's faster firing than the 3-Pound cannnnon(woops, but I have no intention of fixing this because I'm drowsy and you have to deal with people who are sleep-deprived)...
  4. M

    Combat shotgun is weak for the time of the game you get it.

    (Co-op Campain) By the time you are GSO 4, you should have unlocked the Hawkeye bayonet shotgun and the Venture 360 shotgun. Both of which are slightly better in their own ways. Hawkeye does much more damage but lost its ability to turn 360 shotgun turns much faster but does slightly less...
  5. Boomik

    Buff Hawkeye Tank Cannon

    Buff the Hawkeye Tank Cannon because right now, it's not very useful because of the absurd amount of space it takes up. (Same with the Autocannon, but that one is more used for fun than actually practical.) Like, increase the fire rate or the explosive damage and radius. The Megaton Cannons...
  6. Olli_DXD

    Crash tolerance too low on venture springer wheels, might need buffing

    Over the last couple of days of playing around with the venture springer wheels I noticed how weak they were. Broke the wheels over 5 times just by driving up hills. That is why I feel like they need an overall health buff or just higher crash tolerance. Anyone else noticing this? //Olli