1. Epb7304

    Geocorp Supershield

    geocorp gets a shield that is a 2x2x2 block like normal, and its radius should be around double hawkeyes, however any attack that hits the shield will go to the shield gernerator, meaning that you would need a few repair bubbles just for that block
  2. Sgt_Pugsly

    Hawkeye Bubble Transparentiser

    "A fancy piece of tech with a built in flip switch, the Bubble Transparentiser is sure to help unclutter whatever view of your enemies, or yourself, you might have when driving around the planet." Basically, Makes shield and repair bubbles transparent - and adds a HUD option to quickly toggle...
  3. Mindlessmrawesome

    Better Bubbles mod

    So I kinda got sick of shields bubbles being useless against explosions. All that shields would do is sit there and keep explosive rounds from hitting closer to the shield core. It made little difference, as the explosions would go through anyways. All that shields essentially do is protect you...
  4. Boomik

    0.7.7 Bubbles still active in loose item form

    I encountered a bug today that makes bubbles still active in loose item form (block form, not attached to tech). Image here: As you can see the shield bubble I'm holding right now is still powered somehow. Don't know if it actually works, though. How to reproduce: Get a powered tech Put on a...
  5. Blobord

    Attack boost bubbles

    I have an idea for a new block, an attack boost bubble. Basically it makes your weapons stronger by 2 (or something like that) It works like a repair bubble but instead of repairing bubbles, it increases the damage output of the blocks or weapons in that area. In order to make it much fairer it...
  6. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Mission Shield bubble: Found no tech at ?

    Around the mark (?) I searched a wide area to find the little enemy tech with the shield without finding it. My first "base" (anchored block, solar generator) were close. Mission became resolved when took down the "Troll" (or any tech with shield bubble).
  7. StyxAnnihilator

    [] GSO Shield crappy against cannons

    The explosion effect from cannon shells goes through the GSO shield bubble.