1. Dea Noctis

    Kyoko's Blocks

    Putting my blocks here as I make them. FYI: Currently I am unable to work on this due to issues with reality (... I'd like to ignore it too) >.< Any feedback would be appreciated! I'm fairly new to modding, so any constructive advice is welcome.

    Note blocks... in TerraTech?

    Update: Thanks for the likes! I am not really all that popular, so it is a boost. Just feel free to comment on any feedback on this post. 6 likes is nothing to others... but It's good for me! Spread the idea to the devs, and/or popular modders like @Mindl3ss. -------------------------- They're...
  3. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  4. Milkman

    Better Future Blocks Ideas: 3D Printer and Tractor Beam

    I have 2 block concepts for the new 'Better Future' corporation in TerraTech. Concept 1: 3D Printer I think it would be cool to have some sort of 3D printer as an end-game block(really expensive). After the press of a button, it would print a certain set of blocks wich would make up a new tech...
  5. T

    [0.8.2] Leaning anchors glitch

    i made a sentry put on a rotating ancor from Geo Corp and put a ai on it but after an hour playing or so this happens. it kinda angles.
  6. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] Reward blocks despawn when dropped blocks don't

    I'm only going from watching this YouTube video footage (and the commentary), but it looks like the HE quest blocks got de-spawned while the blocks littered all around them from tech destruction mostly remained in place. (And they were largely dropped before the crate opened.) Crate drop at...

    A wiki in game.

    I think it would be interesting to put a feature wikipedia type in game. For example, when collecting blocks for inventory you get information about this block, for example: Your weight Sale value. Purchase price. Resources obtained by recycling it. Rarity. In weapons could also have: Damage...
  8. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] GeoCorp Battery & Charger accessible before grade 3?

    During my crafting playthrough I saw that these two grade 3 GeoCorp blocks were craftable at GeoCorp grade 2 (i.e. once you have a GC Fabricator). Meaning I could access them early, using my GSO grade 3 Component Factories, etc. I think these particular blocks had been available in shops...
  9. WhitePaw2002


    Basically a mod combining the water mod, better multitech, and block replacement mod. It's in TTMM. Current version is I should update this thread later this is really empty. I will put more modifications in this modpack as time passes.
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [0.8.1] Blocks are suspended off-center (in scrappers, etc)

    I think it's probably a sensible choice to make suspended blocks, in scrapper maws, clip through each other and the anchored tech they are suspended from... (Although there are sill major issues with how they are picked up or put in, and it often looks weird to see large, unwieldy blocks...
  11. WhitePaw2002

    Block Replacement Mod

    A mod capable of replacing the textures and models of blocks, and also add custom script to them! You can replace uncommon blocks with ones you make yourself, or give common ones a spin and leave them looking sharp! And if you are very devoted, you can give a custom block life by making your own...
  12. jnj01

    HUD overlay blocks / camera blocks

    I think camera blocks have been suggested earlier, but what about having one or more for each section, with different styles on the HUD? For example a HE weapon camera you could place facing downwards on a plane for targetting when bombing. Or a Venture flight camera with "artificial...
  13. Lobstrex

    Lob's block suggestions

    Heyo, going to be slowly adding to this post over time. (Using Maya for modelling) Legion Cab Cab for the Legion corporation. Legs deploy when no other blocks are attached, allowing the cab to walk around. They fold up into pincers, which can be used as melee weapons. GeoCorp Bucket Wheel...
  14. ZeroGravitas

    Ridiculously Radical Block Re-Skin Suggestions Continued [Unofficial]

    Continued from here. Totally get that (I was fishing for leaks on Crafting plans;)). I totally forgot to push for BIGGER Pacemakers (for the other Corps), as per my 3 month old suggestion thread (although you guys did indeed get the basic GSO Pacemaker into the game:)). Should have all the...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Blocks forget to fall (GSO regen bubbles balanced on Venture wings)

    Having a play, trying to make some novel filler ramps, I found this weird behaviour: The first time this happened the regen bubble had actually come to rest on the edge of a single Venture Middle Wing (that it had rolled the length of). Graphics set to "Fastest". Save attached. Edit: can...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - GeoCorp Bumper sections with duplicate placement orientations.

    Listen to the wop-wop placement sound effects in the video (or easier, repeat this yourself) to hear when there are additional orientation stops on some of these new blocks: when they make a noise, but don't appear to change orientation (presumably due to their rotational symmetry, or very near...
  17. JuanPinoy

    Special Items

    Thug Life Shades: like an armor plate but shaped like a shades and Pixelated Thumbs: a white hand which glows green if placed right way up or red if placed upside down
  18. nikitaign

    [] Quick Tech Transfer Bug

    Hi. im not sure how to call this but I was in rage, and accidentaly threw my mouse to the left. Then i saw that my tech disapeared. I was confused and then tried the same. This bug is hard to make and you really need to swipe your mouse to the left. It might take 2-5 tries, depending on your...
  19. W

    Idea for some Geocorp blocks.

    Geocorp seems to lack a lot of blocks, particularly where ranged weapons and movement are concerned. While this fits the theme, it also leaves a lot of gaping weaknesses. So I thought up some ideas that I hope fill in some holes while still remaining faithful to the faction. Supercharger: A...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.6] Missing block orientations (master list)

    Hawkeye Plume Wing - has no stop for flat against side of tech, wing edge pointing up or down. (I'd add a picture, but heh...:p) Hawkeye Flat Brackets - have several orientations locked out (as shown in video). An old report from January, by @Sylver. Venture Double Block - Can not be...