1. L

    [Block Request] V.Large Geo Tank Track.

    Hi All. I'm about 140 hours deep, and much as i love the Hawkeye tank tracks for their speed and carrying capacity, i feel like a geocorp alternative would be a great addition. It'd be bigger than the HE track HE: 1 wide, 4 long, 2 deep GEO alternative: 4 wide, 10 long, 4 deep The idea is to...
  2. GameSpender

    Laser targeting

    First i can't really get it in the normal game. Second i have absolute zero idea how to use it. halp
  3. Chrii_the_Vieh

    [bug/feature] How to get transparent blocks for building

    Hi terratechnicians, I found a way to produce transparent/ghost blocks of any kind. This bug has been reported on several occasions:
  4. ilikegoodfood

    Properly Define "Hovers"

    Currently the system of Hover parts in TerraTech is functional, however it is also self-contradictory. Generally speaking a Hover is more properly known as a Repulsor. A Repulsor, as the name implied, repels or pushes away from any physical objects that get too close. Depending on the power...
  5. M

    BLOCK djlmagio!!!

    He is spamming all the time, plese block him and remove his posts
  6. reaperx1

    The Upward Corner Conveyer

    I was playing through another round of Out N About, this time in and I was rewarded after battle with the upward corner conveyer. I was so excited to give it a try until I realized that I did not have the parts in my inventory to put it to work. A little later in the R&D I tried to use...
  7. Nocallia

    Block Suggestions.

    Hello. In this thread, I will be adding quite a few suggestions, some commonly suggested, some not. I will try and now include anything people have not already suggested, stream or forums, and let's go. ___ Laser Chamber This block is 1x2, and what it does is it has all lasers of your tech...
  8. poetempest

    Wheel overload measurements

    Just interested about weight and speed relations, and started investigations from max wheel load. Made a simple ultra-light tech with only cab in the center and venture frames for wheel mounting(2,2 gob). Loaded it with batteries for rough estimation and with gobs(GSO one blocks) for accurate...
  9. D

    Docking Block for connecting two Techs

    I have an idea for a block that can attach two techs together. Possibly a block that acts as a docking port and you have to have one on each tech or one that attaches to whatever you press it against. There is also the problem of what happens when other blocks from each tech come together as...
  10. Terra Beetle

    GeoCorp Flight?

    I've been thinking that every corporation until now has flight parts, but not GeoCorp. My Idea: GeoCorp VTOL engines/turbines: GeoCorp Reaction block Much like GSO turbines, but a LOT bigger Works like the gyro, but instead of stabilizing, they would tilt GeoCorp Gyro...
  11. Chrii_the_Vieh

    Block weight and simple block-scale

    Hi Terratechers, inspired by @mikkii I played around with simple physics in the game to find out what the weight of several blocks might be. This is a simple construction to measure the weight of most of the blocks: BoreScaleV2 The scale works great, as long as some requirements are met: -...
  12. StyxAnnihilator

    [] Dispenser block missing (not displayed)

    Dispenser have a tractor beam and in radar that it should be a block there, but no block to see or take. Have a save.
  13. StyxAnnihilator

    Zooming when holding a block option

    Or is it an option I have to turn on? Annoys me that I cannot zoom (mouse wheel) when holding a block and do camera rotate (pressing/holding right click too). Now have to drop the block, zoom (maybe camera rotate), pick up block (maybe camera rotate), place. Haven't looked much after other...
  14. Mottflyer

    TSN Block Models

    The Latest from 2017: Go to Page 5 for 2017 stuff. Older stuff from 2015: Left: TSN Astem Cab 1x1x2, Middle: TSN Cannon MK1 2x3x2, Right: TSN Ballast Tank MK1 2x1x1 Rendered