1. ZeroGravitas

    Alternative block placement orientation controls - simple, predictable

    The proposal: [F] = Next attachment point on held block. [G] = Next block rotation. [H] = Reset to default orientation (optional suggestion). [RMB] = Current smart system, or [G]. The problem: TerraTech has a very nice, slick and simple build interface, for the most part. But once you come...
  2. DerDragonhunter

    Remoted (Gate)Turn-block

    Hi Guys, here is my first Suggestion, pls reply everything u think i Need to know in the future for other suggestions, because this is what i will post a lot. :) (because i didnt read every post and if there are Infos like "whats not possibile in the game yet" im happy to know about) I tell you...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Blocks with destruction debris the wrong corporation colours (list).

    PLaying about in R&D, I noticed that exploding GSO tank tracks threw yellow 'confetti'. Testing the other blocks on plinths, there, a surprising number also had the wrong corporation block debris. Obviously not a game breaking problem, but it's such low hanging fruit, I hope it's worth 10...
  4. ZeroGravitas

    [] Feedback - GeoCorp Refinery

    This new block looks very nice, and appears to work OK (as far as I've quickly checked it), but: (1) It seems odd that it's the only GeoCorp crafting block that isn't 2 units deep, from base to chunk ports. Hence it will need to sit upon a little platform to match input-output heights in a...
  5. ilikegoodfood

    Anchoring Tweeks

    Two small suggestions to improve the behavior of the anchor-tech function. 1) Increase the length of the anchor. This will help a lot with the tight anchoring checks and allow larger techs better mobility. Currently the anchor has to be placed under the tech, thus negating the benefit of the...
  6. Shayne

    re-design of some base blocks, or a mirrored version.

    As you probably know, some people like to build absolutely HUGE bases. I am no exception to this, although I don't really tend to do that anymore, because I have noticed that you cannot build a symmetrical base system due to a large amount of base parts, for example the refineries, not being...
  7. The Grand Teki

    [SOLVED] What is the side lenght of a 1x1x1 block?

    Just a simple question. If I'll have the answer I'll edit it into the post. Here it is:
  8. Zed

    Venture Corp Altimeter Block

    The Title Says it all; for GSO to be the only corporation to have access to this predominantly flight oriented block seems off.
  9. The Grand Teki

    [Multiplayer] Crates to gift parts to other players

    How it'd work for the sending people: The crates should have a 20 block capacity, and a cooldown of 2 hours for each player (you can send @Chrii_the_Vieh and @reaperx1 a crate at the same time, but you have to wait 2 hours to send them another one). It'd have a new icon alongside the SCU and the...
  10. Geocorp Jumper

    Unique Trading Stations & Communications Array

    I am sure many players as old as I am remember the Geocorp trading station. It has been temporarily removed, but I am hopeful that with its return other corporations will have their own trading stations for this idea which, I hope, the devs already have in mind: First, each trading station and...
  11. GamerParrish

    [] Unstable - Glitchy Blocks

    In creative if you go to a trading station and order any block and spam it flies out like crazy unlike in campaign where it just falls down HOW TO RECREATE 1. Find Trading Station 2. Open Menu 3. Buy any block but repeat very fast (Spam click the buy button) 4. Presto!
  12. Geocorp Jumper

    Portal Block?

    Alright, yes I'm crazy. Maybe that's why I look forward to RR. The Portal Block would be a block that, on its own, is useless, but when put together with other blocks of the same color in an anchored, powered, rectangular shape, it spawns a portal. Add a UI to change the color and then portals...
  13. ilikegoodfood

    More Dongles

    I'm not entirely sure (have no idea) how well the dongles have been received by players, so suggesting an expansion to the system may well end up being very controversial, however, it could also fill the niche for block variations and upgrades that people keep asking for. Here goes! Currently...
  14. elfdrow

    [block] GEO corp - magnetic block, truck bed

    this would be an animated block. like the pay loader it would have magnetic properties on top. and when activate it, it could tilt and stop the magnetic properties. that way players could "clean" the battlefield in a heavy machine and either clump the blocks close. or take them near a SCU (also...
  15. Boomik

    Are there going to be more Geocorp base blocks?

    Are there going to be more Geocorp base blocks? I'd really like to make a massive GC base. After all, there are GC anchors, so why not a GC conveyor or delivery cannon? A cool idea for them might be that a GC conveyor can hold more resources and the GC delivery cannon can process more at a time...
  16. maritaria

    Creating custom blocks (in-progress)

    First off, merry xmas everyone :D After 2 days of endless testing, Console.WriteLine() insertions and reading output_log.txt. I figured out how to create my own blocks in the game. Now I will work on applying textures and finally to create a framework around defining blocktypes. The block I...
  17. ilikegoodfood

    Corporation Base Blocks

    I know that there is no immediate intention of creation conveyors, collectors and everything else for all of the separate corporations, beyond fabricators and scrappers, but a discussion of what they might look like and how they might behave should still be productive, and hopefully fun. So here...
  18. ilikegoodfood

    Cruise Missile

    The Hawkeye Cruise Missile does not seem to work. On my tech, the missile fires out to the sides and then fails to track to the target, simply self-destructing when it makes contact with the ground. I have attached the tech in question. Also, most guns fired without a target, including...
  19. ilikegoodfood

    Furnace Generator Behaviour

    It has come to my attention after building my new base, that the Static Furnace Generator immediately starts burning a fuel if there is any available battery storage, however small. This results in the fuel being used up and the power wasted as opposed to being stored for the night or when under...
  20. ilikegoodfood

    Disposable SCU

    There used t o be a lot of requests for both a smaller and a portable SCU and I have seen some requests recently for the SCU to have a larger radius for area looting. My suggestion is a craftable Disposable SCU: While attached to the Tech it would look similar to the GSO Shield or Regen...