1. Nerf Craft

    Abandoned Techs/Bases

    The world of TerraTech is pretty empty aside from meaningless structures that people like to build on, So here are some ideas to add more to the planet that we all know and love through abandoned techs and bases. First, why do I think these specifically should be added rather than ancient ruins...
  2. Nerf Craft

    Post cosmetic block ideas here(Models Welcome)

    A while ago there was a thread about Hawkeye armor blocks that sort of turned into an unofficial cosmetics thread. This is an official cosmetic blocks thread to submit concepts and concept models. All sorts of cosmetics models are welcome, from new standard blocks, to models for functional...
  3. Nerf Craft

    Change to and/or more gauges

    Let's face it, the gauges in this game are inaccurate, we just need to admit it. You have a power gauge that has all five lights solid lit, Terra Tech is saying "Your battery is somewhere between 90 and 100% full. I hate that. The fuel gauges with three lights is even vaguer. We need to either...
  4. Z

    Suggestion, Camera blocks

    I would like to the something like camera blocks. I mean Blocks that are cameras that you can cycle through. for example to make a first person view. (iam not very good in english, but i hope you understand what i mean.) PS: (this has nothing to do with the suggestion) What means "Beta Deluxe"?
  5. Nerf Craft

    Some Old Removed Blocks I Think Should Be Added Back

    After discovering all the different blocks in the game that have been removed, I was slightly disappointed to see some very specific ones not be in the game today. So here are some of the blocks I discovered that I think need to be returned. First off, the Hawkeye landing gear wheel. Although...
  6. Nerf Craft

    Research & Development of History

    After browsing the Steam Workshop I discovered some posts for trying out unobtainable blocks that were either removed or never implemented or NPC exclusive(*Craft Mike Head*). Seeing these posts made me feel that for those people who are newer to the game, or for older players wanting some...
  7. Nerf Craft

    Component Crates

    Basically just resource blocks but components. Requires one raw fiberwood chunk to make the crate. One type for each component and corp. Amounts equal to the resource blocks. They would all be named (corp name) Component crate and the type of component would be in the description. Component...
  8. Nerf Craft

    Three Blocks for a Better Future

    Better Future is clearly still an unfinished corporation with plenty of room for suggestion. Here are three block ideas for what Better Future should get. They are listed in the order of how difficult I believe they will be to code, from easiest to hardest. The first one is something I feel as...
  9. Nerf Craft

    Better Future Missiles

    So Better Future is a futuristic corporation and with that in mind I have two missile ideas for them. The first would be something along the lines of a Photon Torpedo. It would be slightly weaker than a Cruise Missile but would fire a two shot burst with a reload about 10% longer than that of a...
  10. S

    Storage Block

    Whenever I make a two or more stories of factory they tend to clipped on each other when on another silos above it, and sometimes frame lagging due from the resources floating (I have habit of keeping a large amount of resources). What it does is, it is a empty glass of block similar to any...
  11. HeX

    TerraTech Block List and Info

    This block list and info file contains recipes, ids (for @WhitePaw2002 's SPCheats mod), health, gun data, damage data, armor values, etc. Stable: 1.4.13 Unstable: (
  12. F

    BF Shield/Healing Bubble

    I think the BF shield should also be the healing bubble, they should be one in the same, 2 in one block. I mean its the only 2 block shield wouldn't it be cool if it was also the healing bubble.
  13. S_JP

    []Please be set the block from Tech inside

    I made a video for clarity. youtube ※It may be strange because it is google translation. What is fatal? As it is, it is very difficult to adjust the center of gravity and thrust. Players can not attract multiplay if there is no romance to make big Tech or use it It is annoying and difficult...
  14. Epb7304

    ultimate BF block

    just a block that has multiple forms (1x1x1, 2x1x1, 2x2x2, and so on) you use shift + scroll wheel to cycle through forms (one side is flat no attachment points, now 2, 3 so on) as well as smooth with the attachment point including the all black ones, because I have been trying to make my craft...
  15. GamerParrish

    The Block Saviour

    Ever just be playing a mission, and find a tech with lots of good, but highly explosive weaponry, batteries, shielding, or more? Then as soon as you destroy the tech, you see the fateful red flash of destruction. Introducing the Block Saviour. The block savior basically keeps blocks from...
  16. Milkman

    Better Future Blocks Ideas: 3D Printer and Tractor Beam

    I have 2 block concepts for the new 'Better Future' corporation in TerraTech. Concept 1: 3D Printer I think it would be cool to have some sort of 3D printer as an end-game block(really expensive). After the press of a button, it would print a certain set of blocks wich would make up a new tech...
  17. Exund

    Procedural Blocks

    So as we all know in TerraTech we can make all sizes of techs (up to 64x64x64) : small ones but also big ones. So here comes a problem : sometimes you need to fill in a big portion of your tech. So here I come with a solution : Procedural Blocks. But what is a "Procedural Block" you may ask ...
  18. MrTwister

    Component volatility review

    Hi team, just wanted to give you some feedback on block volatility in this game. The amount of volatile blocks in any functional and armed tech seems to be too much and overbearing. Don't get me wrong, some of these are logical and ok for balancing reasons - like batteries and fuel tanks should...
  19. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Anchors deploy through blocks attached beneath

    Like so: Creative save attached, just in case. I'm not sure if this is considered as the same bug as reported here by @Nightblade Greyswandir...?
  20. Aceba1

    Nuterra Revived Block Injector Mod

    With the work of @maritaria and @Exund Github Link Custom blocks for TerraTech! You can get that mod in the TerraTech Mod Manager If you need help, ask here or on the TerraTech Discord. You can also leave suggestions. POST MANY PICS PLS! SHARE YOUR CUSTOM BLOCKS HERE!