1. 19344441.leggo

    kgeam mod block

    I have recently started making mods, but there are many things I don't know about making mods, so please teach me a lot (I know basic operations). (I am Japanese and the text is translated by deepl, so the text may be wrong). I especially want to know how to make bullets that are not in...
  2. Geocorp Jumper

    Smart Furnace Generators

    I am gonna be real honest here and say that I almost never use furnace generators. Why? Because they don’t know when to stop or slow down. As an example, if you attach only batteries to the furnace generator, eventually, as the furnace consumes fuel, the batteries charge up. Once the batteries...
  3. Geocorp Jumper

    Repair Beam

    For those who have played long enough, you are likely familiar with an old concept for a repair arm. The drawing below is Stig Christensen’s, a former concept artist for Payload Studios. Of course, I recently learned that TerraTech lacks rigging support. While this doesn’t affect objects with...
  4. Geocorp Jumper

    Space Junkers Block Texture Ideas

    When I hear the name “Space Junkers,” I think of people making do with what they’ve got, grabbing blocks in whatever state they’re in and making it work. Weapons and blocks are either old models or put together from the salvage of multiple different weapons. I feel that Space Junkers have the...
  5. Geocorp Jumper

    Torque/thrust Control Blocks

    Drawing on inspiration from my suspension control block idea, torque/thrust control blocks control the torque of wheels or the power of propellers or boosters, depending on their specification. The wheel torque control block adjusts how hard wheels and tracks spin, effectively changing your...
  6. Geocorp Jumper

    Reticule Research Aircraft Inspo

    Now that Geocorp has earned it’s wings, I’d like to post my thoughts for Reticule Research gaining some flight blocks as well. Presenting the Edgley EA-7 Optica. According to this guy’s Wikipedia article, the Optica is a low-speed observation craft. Perfect for watching your experiments...
  7. Geocorp Jumper

    Resource Radar Alternative: “Nearest” finder

    First of all, shout out to Rafs for an amazing resource/biome radar idea. A biome radar would be much less burdensome on the game (and subsequently players’ PCs). I just thought up this alternative, though: What if, instead of the resource radar detecting all sources of a resource in a given...
  8. Geocorp Jumper

    AK-630 for GSO

    Can GSO get one of these? Aside from looking pretty sick, this weapon is a Soviet-made, 6 barrel, 30mm rotary cannon. While it’s technically made for CIWS, it has also been used against aircraft and smaller ships. In fact, this guy would be perfect for when CIWS comes to vanilla TT. Until...
  9. Geocorp Jumper

    Anonymous Blocks

    Just earlier today, I read a post by Warning220 suggesting the game have a way to load enemy techs with modded blocks and weapons. He mentioned a game that was able to randomly load weapons that fit in the same place as others, but he wondered whether something like that was possible in...
  10. Geocorp Jumper

    Can We Get Block Stats Please?

    I would really love to have block stats added to the block info window. Most especially, I’d like weapon stats like damage, fire rate, aim arc (how far the weapon can turn to aim) and track speed. I don’t need a fancy graphic display for it, either. Just add the technical stats to the bottom of...
  11. Geocorp Jumper

    Jet Wings

    I’ve been holding off on posting this idea because I don’t want to keep spamming the forum, but it’s eating me up, so here goes. I recently built a Venture speed jet. Because the standard wings had too wide a spread, I used Venture’s tail wing and their new tail wing extender. But then I...
  12. Geocorp Jumper

    Invisible APs

    The new window panes in RR are amazing. It's really satisfying to sit in your base and look out a window. The one thing that could make it even better would be removing the frames so you can have a massive, solid window. APs are the only problem here. They have a unique shape that requires...
  13. Geocorp Jumper

    Fabrication Overhaul

    I asked in an open thread if I should post this idea. Response was low, but positive, so I am here posting my ideas for a fabrication overhaul. If implemented, even in part, the ideas I suggest could make fabrication a much more enticing, enjoyable, and profitable activity for players. First...
  14. Geocorp Jumper

    Dynamo Generator Belongs to Venture

    I was a tad disappointed to see the dynamo generator in the hands of RR. A block that generates power based on speed is best utilized in a corporation made for speed. The RR Dynamo Generator should be changed to the Venture Dynamo Generator, and its color scheme should be changed accordingly.
  15. Geocorp Jumper

    Should I Suggest a Crafting Overhaul?

    I had some thoughts over the past couple weeks that would improve fabrication in Terratech, which I started compiling together until it became so big as to warrant an overhaul. The devs hands are almost always full, so I'm kinda nervous about posting any of these ideas. That they're good ideas I...
  16. Geocorp Jumper

    VEN Suspension Control Block

    I had this epiphany of an idea about a week ago. It’s so brilliant, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before. While the BF Hover Control Block controls how high you hover above the ground, the VEN Suspension Control Block allows you to adjust how high your wheels lift the body of your...
  17. Ranger


  18. Turtledudeman

    Potato Electronics (PE)

    Welcome to PE. DOWNLOAD LINK:
  19. Epb7304

    Jukebox block

    the name says it all, it's a 1x1x1 block that allows us to play a music track in a certain range. I think the most ideal place to put this would be in decoration blocks some small QoL features with it -jukeboxes that are within the same range will play the same music track at the same time (an...
  20. S

    Weapon ideas

    I've come up with an idea of a weapons that I really like happen for the game. Cluster weapons - if it possible having a missile or bomb that could able to releases smaller ones after reaches certain range? It's not that strong but covers a larger blast radius, just for pure fun of destruction...