block allowance

  1. D

    Terratech switch update small issues and tweaks

    So last night I discovered you guys updated terratech on the switch to be up to par with all the the other versions for the first time in quite a few months, however I believe you’ve left some unintended text in the game. Such as supposedly being able to raise you block limit by leveling up. I...
  2. V

    (Console) Block allowance.

    I'm aware that console has its block allowance for lag prevention but I've been looking around and alot of people do not experience as much lag as you think. I've also found that many console players are having a hard time setting up a base while also having a tech that allows us to handle some...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0][Console] Block Allowance issues and idiosyncrasies

    Block limits are necessary for consoles and so this feature won't be removed altogether. However, some refinements or fixes may be in order, with respect to issues highlighted below. (Disclaimer, I don't have a console, so all my info is second hand. Mostly from @Heketea.) (1) Can't place down...