1. Chillstep

    press info and questions about the game.

    Hello I got a few questions Is the information in the press info packet up to date for the current version of TerraTech? How many biomes are available in the campaign mode of the latest version of TerraTech? Are there any plans to add more biomes to the game in the future? Can you provide any...
  2. S

    SatanGirl666's Custom Biomes

    Welcome to my repository of biomes! This is where I will likely be posting the custom biomes that I make. All of these WILL require the Nuterra Biomes mod by Exund (find it in TT Mod Manager). Also, thank you to Exund for making the mod that makes these possible. Thank you and have a nice day!
  3. ExileFox

    world size?

    How large is one world? With missions seemingly locked to certain areas, i suspect there is an edge somewhere, hard or soft. Hard edge = Can't go further Soft edge = Player coords wraps around. so if heading south, you will eventually hit north.
  4. JimmyBlether

    Sinkholes and Canyons

    This is one of my biome ideas, more may follow. I had the idea of that if TT had some <almost> impassable terrain that can be only crossed with bridges (that work now due to almost all wheels work on blocks ;)), would be an interesting addition to the terrain generation. I am positive that...
  5. F

    Where can I find the TT biome concept art?

    So the Road to 1.0 blog is giving me error 404 and I need the biome concept art (TT_Iceworld, etc.) for a video I'm making. Does anyone have another link? Thanks in advance!
  6. ilikegoodfood

    Biome Suggestions

    This is my list of new biomes that I would like to see in the game. They are separated into sections based on what other features need to be implemented in order to facilitate them. Many of the suggestions also require a way to get a tech unstuck, calling a transporter to come get you and take...
  7. P

    About the planet...

    So, here's a question: The planet that we are puttering around on, is it a specific planet? Or is the environment meant to be 'one planet, of many?' Is our seed sending us to a new planet, or a different part of the same planet? Also, at some point, can we have some control over the...