1. warbrand2

    The world map needs some work: world generation and story ideas.

    I love this game, but the more I play it the more I realize the planet we are mining feels well boring. For the longest time I thought it was just the lack of challenge from the enemies but resently I realized it was the generation of the world, out side of set props there isn't much of a reason...
  2. Soviet_Samuelson

    Sensible biomes placement

    Biomes should transition more sensibly, and some biomes need to be added for some things to make sense The tips of mountains should be snowy, and the mountains should be much higher. They should also be much broader and slightly less steep, so large techs can actually get through. The step...
  3. FightBiscuit

    Colourful Biome

    Hey everyone :) We got quite a diversity of Biomes in TT, but there is no really beatigul Biome yet. Every Biome consists of just one main Colour: Green, Yellow, Red, White or Blue But why not a Biome like a rainforest with many different Colours? I could imagine a plateau (or two) sourrounded...
  4. Bgrmystr2

    [0.7.8] Terrain biome loading / replacement errors

    I made a brand new save fresh off the 0.7.8 patch, played for a few hours, saved, went to sleep, played it earlier today and all was normal. After re-joining the game just now, I've found some major errors in the biome loading. The salt flat was not there originally, nor was the mountain...
  5. Zargn

    [] Huge scenery object. {Giant pillar, changing size.}

    I was flying around, and out of nowhere I found this: I remember that someone reported a HUGE rock that they found, but I was not able to find the thread. So I created a new one. And I sadly dont know how to replicate this. :( After a restart, the pillar was gone. But the save is from before...
  6. Zed

    Serendipitous Base Location [0.7.7 Stable]

    Due to a typo an interesting base location has been discovered via creative mode. The Seed which had been meant to be typed to reveal a large Salt Flat location instead revealed this viable base location: (SEED: fGOsXFewPuEWilh ) The Pillars Biome is flanked by two Ice Biomes to its North...
  7. JimmyBlether

    Why Can't I Automine In Pillars Biome?

    Big question, WHY? The crystal spire resource outcrops have no 'automime spot' to harvest and are basically the same as the out-of-biome types, just in the same place. Can in 0.7.8 you implement it or is it too OP?
  8. Geocorp Jumper

    Possible Biomes

    Maybe these biomes would be fun in this rapidly growing game. Ocean: probably not too deep, with the occasional island (of course the altitude may need a quick adjustment to ensure that the world isn't flooded). Most techs would sink and drive on the sea floor. Hovers and any tech designed to...
  9. ilikegoodfood

    Advanced World-Generation Options

    I am creating three new threads today. I am aware that all of them have been discussed before and that all of them will not be until after 1.0, but I still feel that it is time to mention them again. I'm fully aware that the devs want to get the game working, balanced and optimized before they...
  10. Marxon

    Volcanic Wastes Biome (Future Home of Legion?)

    Quoting a discord server post: "Think of a black ground biome, mostly flat but cracked and fractured surface with vast gentle slopes of gradual incline and decline (favorable for hovers) and very few and far between hills and lastly? Extremely rich in ores and especially with crystals. Few...
  11. ilikegoodfood

    Biome Suggestions

    This is my list of new biomes that I would like to see in the game. They are separated into sections based on what other features need to be implemented in order to facilitate them. Many of the suggestions also require a way to get a tech unstuck, calling a transporter to come get you and take...