better future

  1. Chris Halse

    [1.0.2] Better Future Anti-gravity Apple Engine tilt bug

    [1.0.2] [PC] - Better Future Anti-gravity Apple Engine tilt bug It appears that when used even when your tech is stable before being powered on the Anti-gravity Apple Engine seems to introduce a tilt to the tech even if it is symmetrical. See Lift tester for example vehicle. Power required.:)...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] Positive feedback on new Better Future content...!

    OK, so I've already dived in with numerous bug reports, as usual, so I thought it worth while to highlight some things I liked or appreciated with the new stuff in campaign. (1) Hubl has great character design! The subtle use of the curve blocks is way more artistic than I would have ever...
  3. ZeroGravitas

    [] Tripple Hubl - repeated (Better Future) licence missions

    The first time I loaded my campaign save, next to a trade station, I clicked the mission banner, saw the new BF mission, then close the menu (to start recording), then when I re-opened it a second version appeared, then again for a 3rd. But no more. So, three Hudls and no dialogue. It worked OK...
  4. stickman_king_28


    (in case you havent seen it click HERE) *ali-a intro faintly plays* SKY ANCHORS!! CO OP CREATIVE! CAMPAIGN INVOLVEMENT! AAAAAAAAA
  5. M

    Better Future blocks in Campaign?

    Hello Users, the new update included the new Better Future parts. Is there any way to get them in campaign? (not counting trough invasions) I maxed every License and i wonder if i can get them
  6. Epb7304

    BF super weapon

    in the new R&D release there are disks and blocks to make disks, so I have a proposal a block that is like the disks is a lot bigger than the disks (radius greater or equal to the for ufo like pieces together) fires a constant beam damage is still undecided (I dont want it to be too OP...
  7. Aardvark123

    More Introductory Missions for Control Schemes and Stuff

    Now that the game has been given a control scheme update, there needs to be a proper introduction in the campaign. Thus, I think there should be a series of missions similar to "Learn to Fly" which introduce the player to new control schemes and types of tech. The concept of switching control...
  8. stickman_king_28

    Better future story involvement

    Every corporation wants something from the off-world, and have different quests like everyone knows. But how'd they be involved, that's the question. First, what would their NPC be and what would they want? Second, what would their actual campaign lore be and how would it tie in? (I'm repeating...
  9. A

    Better Future Form shields/repairers

    I think since BF is a sleek looking corp, the shields and repair fields should be sleek. My idea is that you have the repair fields make the effected blocks glow green instead of having an ugly looking bubble around your tech. But for the shields you would have them be invisible until...
  10. Epic afdc

    Better future plasma cannon

    weapon name: plasma cannon Weapon size (x-y-z): 4-3-4 Weapon projectile: a large, very slow moving blue ball of plasma that explodes on impact. The explosion radius is 6 blocks in diameter. The projectile has little arc Damage: slightly more than the megaton cannon Fire rate: slightly slower...
  11. Lord Zarnox

    Better Future Battery and Fuel Cell

    I'd like it if the Better Future batteries had a slight amount of passive energy generation. The observed effect of this would be like multiplying the battery life by a small amount, rather than just adding to it. In fact, they could probably have two blocks: A battery that simply stores a fair...
  12. AstraTheDragon

    [] BF Stream Four Block lacks visual AP.

    I noticed today that the extreme underside tip of the Better Future Stream Four Block is lacking an AP in it's mesh design. The location's ability to connect is uncompromised and renders the 'available AP' icon when holding a block. @Anton
  13. Epb7304

    ultimate BF block

    just a block that has multiple forms (1x1x1, 2x1x1, 2x2x2, and so on) you use shift + scroll wheel to cycle through forms (one side is flat no attachment points, now 2, 3 so on) as well as smooth with the attachment point including the all black ones, because I have been trying to make my craft...
  14. R

    [SUGGESTION] New weapons, blocks, and features for the corporations

    This is just going to be a list of all the weapons and blocks I think would be cool in the corporations, some random suggestions, and also some suggestions for where some of the EXP stuff should go. Sorry for the wall of text. EDIT: Features: Sensors, and Nimbatus/Scrap Mechanic style logic...
  15. AstraTheDragon

    14/11/18 Better Future Release ComCore Stream Highlights.

    So sleek... So smooth... It can all be yours for a low price today! Continue looking down to see the new Better Future catalogue to mark its offworld debut! (We only serve people rich enough to buy RnD, sorry.) Plebian non-BF techs (Just kidding, these are great!) MindlessMr.Awesome's Aircraft...
  16. Cloud

    [] New update issues

    So! New update, new corporation, new blocks. I know it's in unstable, I'm pointing out problems anyways.
  17. Epic afdc

    Better future weaponry ideas

    The block measurements are (length x width x height) The tesla coil: a weapon that fires a continuous stream of electricity that zaps enemy techs (grade 1) (1x1x1) Laser smg: a small, fast firing, low damage, medium accuracy laser. Mounted on a turret (Grade 1) (1x1x1) Tiny plasma cutter: a...
  18. Milkman

    Better Future Blocks Ideas: 3D Printer and Tractor Beam

    I have 2 block concepts for the new 'Better Future' corporation in TerraTech. Concept 1: 3D Printer I think it would be cool to have some sort of 3D printer as an end-game block(really expensive). After the press of a button, it would print a certain set of blocks wich would make up a new tech...
  19. Epic afdc

    Choosing a starting Corp REVAMPED

    (Part 1)Okay the basic concept of this is quite simple, choosing your own starter Corp, for example starting with venture or GeoCorp. And when you start, each Corp has their own unique starter missions. For example, when you start as venture, you do races to earn the starting blocks. And I can...
  20. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0.1] Better Future snapshots loadable (with BF blocks missing) - intended?

    Going back to this stable version, I noticed my new snapshot with better future blocks are visible in the tech loader. You can deploy or swap to them, but of course the new blocks don't load in and any disconnected blocks vanish after the loading animation. I'm thinking it's part of a...