better future

  1. stickman_king_28

    One year of better future!

    Hooray! better future is about a year old now! (well if you count the beta bits) makes me want to think: How will payload announce the next corporation? What else is in store for the bois in BF? (oh also it's my forum cake day)
  2. Petedawg

    How to make good looking Better Future techs?

    Hi all, first time posting here. I’ve been toying around with stuff for a while now and I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to make a BF tech that doesn’t just look like a shiny potato. Does anyone have any useful info or tips or something like that?
  3. Epb7304

    BF "explosive" bolt

    BF is the only corp that does not have an explosive bolt, I propose a new kind of explosive bolt the BF bolt is not explosive, and in fact, just decouples from its surrounding blocks to be used again elsewhere. it would be a 1x1x1 block and made of 5 Plumbia, 2 Z4 explosives, and one Thermo...
  4. R


    Had nothing to do and haven't played in a while so the Better Future faction was new to me. I love the slick new designs that you can make!
  5. Nerf Craft

    A bunch of my ideas.

    Here is just a list of some of my ideas, both unlisted ones and ones I have talked about in the past. Hawkeye: 1) Fuselage jet engine: A 1x8x1 long booster with inbuilt fuel tank that has enough fuel for five minutes of sustained flight, but takes five minutes to refill when empty. Very heavy...
  6. Nerf Craft

    BF large fortified battery.

    With the BF battery being a quarter-circle, it's clear they are meant to be used externally. But when you combine four of them together, they look like a power storage core. This battery would be four BF bats welded into a cylinder with extra energy storage for about 4.25-4.5x the storage of a...
  7. Zorgomol

    [] Can't attach to BF Mobile Delivery Cannon cannon-side points when it is anchored.

    The input side attachment points work fine at all times.
  8. Nerf Craft

    Three Blocks for a Better Future

    Better Future is clearly still an unfinished corporation with plenty of room for suggestion. Here are three block ideas for what Better Future should get. They are listed in the order of how difficult I believe they will be to code, from easiest to hardest. The first one is something I feel as...
  9. Nerf Craft

    Better Future Missiles

    So Better Future is a futuristic corporation and with that in mind I have two missile ideas for them. The first would be something along the lines of a Photon Torpedo. It would be slightly weaker than a Cruise Missile but would fire a two shot burst with a reload about 10% longer than that of a...
  10. F

    BF Shield/Healing Bubble

    I think the BF shield should also be the healing bubble, they should be one in the same, 2 in one block. I mean its the only 2 block shield wouldn't it be cool if it was also the healing bubble.

    Max height in TerraTech?

    I have been having this Idea to make a hover base with anti-grav in the sky with sky anchor. I want it to be as high as possible with linear motion machine keeping it up. When I want to access it, I get directly under it and double-click it (because you can switch to another tech pretty far...
  12. Matt

    Better Future Missions Feedback

    Hi All, We want to know what you all think of the Better Future missions. Use this thread to leave your thoughts/opinons. Some things to consider: Are they too hard/easy? Are they fun? Are they different or similar to the other types of missions? Do they spawn in the mountains, making it...
  13. S_JP

    BetterFuturehoverSteering blocks weight and output are wrong.

    TerraTech Version I tried both the official version and TT_ Unstable. BF Hover Steering 112 is so heavy Outputs of blocks 1x2 and 2x2 are extremely small Comparing the outputs with the same number of cells, the outputs of 1 × 2 and 2 × 2 were low. There should be more output than...
  14. Chris Halse

    [1.0.2] Better Future Anti-gravity Apple Engine tilt bug

    [1.0.2] [PC] - Better Future Anti-gravity Apple Engine tilt bug It appears that when used even when your tech is stable before being powered on the Anti-gravity Apple Engine seems to introduce a tilt to the tech even if it is symmetrical. See Lift tester for example vehicle. Power required.:)...
  15. ZeroGravitas

    [] Positive feedback on new Better Future content...!

    OK, so I've already dived in with numerous bug reports, as usual, so I thought it worth while to highlight some things I liked or appreciated with the new stuff in campaign. (1) Hubl has great character design! The subtle use of the curve blocks is way more artistic than I would have ever...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Tripple Hubl - repeated (Better Future) licence missions

    The first time I loaded my campaign save, next to a trade station, I clicked the mission banner, saw the new BF mission, then close the menu (to start recording), then when I re-opened it a second version appeared, then again for a 3rd. But no more. So, three Hudls and no dialogue. It worked OK...
  17. stickman_king_28


    (in case you havent seen it click HERE) *ali-a intro faintly plays* SKY ANCHORS!! CO OP CREATIVE! CAMPAIGN INVOLVEMENT! AAAAAAAAA
  18. M

    Better Future blocks in Campaign?

    Hello Users, the new update included the new Better Future parts. Is there any way to get them in campaign? (not counting trough invasions) I maxed every License and i wonder if i can get them
  19. Epb7304

    BF super weapon

    in the new R&D release there are disks and blocks to make disks, so I have a proposal a block that is like the disks is a lot bigger than the disks (radius greater or equal to the for ufo like pieces together) fires a constant beam damage is still undecided (I dont want it to be too OP...
  20. Aardvark123

    More Introductory Missions for Control Schemes and Stuff

    Now that the game has been given a control scheme update, there needs to be a proper introduction in the campaign. Thus, I think there should be a series of missions similar to "Learn to Fly" which introduce the player to new control schemes and types of tech. The concept of switching control...