1. warbrand2

    The world map needs some work: world generation and story ideas.

    I love this game, but the more I play it the more I realize the planet we are mining feels well boring. For the longest time I thought it was just the lack of challenge from the enemies but resently I realized it was the generation of the world, out side of set props there isn't much of a reason...
  2. warbrand2

    Military base tech

    Working on something special will take a while but this is one nights work. I give you the first part of a hawkeye airport build that I am working on. Currently only the charging bay is built. So will be showing that off in this first post. above is the bay in its complete form, ignore the...
  3. D

    Need Help With This Base

    I am in the process of making a new base, and I cant figure out why this is happening. Can anyone help? (The silos not registering with the base)
  4. M

    Having troubles with my base

    Hello, I tried to make a big base where there were my refineries ... and for fun I wanted to park my techs into garages. But each time I went somewhere and came back to base my techs would have been destroyed ... Why ? Of course I did place guns to protect this base so it's not the fact that...
  5. Nerf Craft

    Abandoned Techs/Bases

    The world of TerraTech is pretty empty aside from meaningless structures that people like to build on, So here are some ideas to add more to the planet that we all know and love through abandoned techs and bases. First, why do I think these specifically should be added rather than ancient ruins...
  6. TheSpaceMan

    [U.] Base Machine Broke

    What do I do? The refinery and component factory (and basically the whole base) stopped working. I don't even know if this is intentional. This is strange...
  7. Soviet_Samuelson

    Resource management within a base

    In an items crafting menu, there should be a area listing all the resources required, down to the bare bones. We should also have a block that displays how many of each resource you have, can calculate the minimum requirements for any combination of blocks, how much the selected blocks ad/or...
  8. DerDragonhunter

    Base-Repair Block

    This Repairblock dont produce a Bubble, it repairs all its attached too, like batteries supply all connected with electricity. So this Repairblock conduct Repairing thrue the Blocks/Base. It repairs slowly, uses lot of Energy and only works if Anchored. Its for Large bases, not needed to use in...
  9. Mindlessmrawesome

    Conveyor Turntables.

    So today I was tweaking the internals of my Cuboidal Base in the TT_unstable R&D, and I noticed 3 things: Sometimes Seed AIs aren't treated as a component chunk and will bypass random filters they go by. The Hawkeye scrapper doesn't make it's dispensed chunks do the whole NoClip thing where...
  10. MishkaRose

    Mishka's Bugs and New Ideas

    this is a thread i will post all my bugs / ideas. lists are not in any particular order. Bugs : 1 : techs slide/bounce when your not moving them(anchoring them stops this because it stops all movement(reloaded the save if left unanchored might cause the tech to slide again)). 2 : blocks are...
  11. Zed

    Increase Crafting AI's "Read Distance" Along Conveyors

    In short, the search capabilities of refineries for required blocks along lengths of conveyor belts is too short to accommodate large and complex factory builds; If this "lookback length" were to be increased 50% (or perhaps doubled) larger bases could be designed and would serve as a partial...
  12. Boomik

    Make the base blocks require power

    Base blocks requiring power was the case before, then it got changed for some reason. I like the idea of powered base blocks, because the base blocks currently are just magically powered by an invisible force. This also makes mobile base techs more of a hassle so there will be less of mobile...
  13. ilikegoodfood

    Anchoring Tweeks

    Two small suggestions to improve the behavior of the anchor-tech function. 1) Increase the length of the anchor. This will help a lot with the tight anchoring checks and allow larger techs better mobility. Currently the anchor has to be placed under the tech, thus negating the benefit of the...
  14. Shayne

    re-design of some base blocks, or a mirrored version.

    As you probably know, some people like to build absolutely HUGE bases. I am no exception to this, although I don't really tend to do that anymore, because I have noticed that you cannot build a symmetrical base system due to a large amount of base parts, for example the refineries, not being...
  15. QuackDuck

    [0.7.6]Enemy spawning on base.

    I know this bug has been reported some time ago, but I remember the devs saying it was hard to track down, so here is another thread. I just finished destroying an enemy tech near my base(The base was just on the edge of my radar) when I saw an enemy close to my base. I rushed over to destroy...
  16. diamondnife

    Fabrication Help

    I made a fabrication base and when I fabricate something, only one of the refineries is used and all of the others are ignored. How do I make it so all of the refineries are used?
  17. ilikegoodfood

    Venture Long Conveyor

    As per @Jamie 's request, this is a suggestion to try and reduce frame-rate drop and crafting delays. The Venture Long Conveyors are designed to swiftly move resources from one end of a base to another, as moving resources down a long sting of individual conveyors can take some time and...
  18. ilikegoodfood

    Auto-Optimize Base Tick Rate

    As per @Jamie 's request, here the first of an attempted improvement to the speed of crafting. This idea is dependent on three things: The tick rate of all production blocks can be changed in a single action. The game is able to measure the amount of system time a tick has taken. The process...
  19. AJ1AJ

    Bases cannot be re-anchored

    I decided to play today. I was in the middle of building a fairly complex factory... I was building directly off the anchor point, sometimes using build beam to build underneath, while getting resources with my nearby bot to test it.... Unfortunately... One of the times i think after i turned...
  20. Litsman3d

    My 7.4.3 base

    Well somehow my saves managed to load in the new 7.4.4 TT. But i cannot see the biome changes they made (i believe the seed has to do smthing with it...) So im gonna start over again the campaign i like to play. I found two of those "monuments" so ive built my next full base on one! but before i...