base building

  1. Tidgem

    Better Future Universal Scrapper

    This scrapper scraps anything. Modded blocks included :) I created the model but Aceba1/WhitePaw2002 produced the JSON allowing it to scrap everything. And subsequently helped me overlay my model onto it and get it all working correctly (thank you again). Feel free to use the JSON obviously...
  2. Nerf Craft

    Mega Bases

    Bases in TerraTech are only useful for crafters. They are often complex and require separate defense turrets to protect them. Charging bases can take time to charge larger techs, and there is no way to dock the tech for protection. Enter the Mega Base. For simplicity's sake I will call it a Base...
  3. T

    Anchored blocks to pass through terrain while building

    Well, i think everybody tried to make a nice looking base. But even on the salt flats its hard to get a good looking wall down. I mean if it was able to pass through the ground while anchored, it would actually make those sloped platform blocks useful. (You know, so you can actually drive them...
  4. S_JP

    []Please be set the block from Tech inside

    I made a video for clarity. youtube ※It may be strange because it is google translation. What is fatal? As it is, it is very difficult to adjust the center of gravity and thrust. Players can not attract multiplay if there is no romance to make big Tech or use it It is annoying and difficult...
  5. ZeroGravitas

    Better Mission Bases - Techs Wanted!

    Following on from the call for Explosive Bolts techs (which are already in Unstable missions!:)). This project arose from my self-stocking base tech submissions and a subsequent conversation with game designer Kris (AKA @zanzistar). He's agreed to put new bases in too, if we can get at...
  6. B

    [0.8.1] Refineries

    As I was going through a regular playthrough of TerraTech, I had made myself a massive base, and I found myself having a resource problem (It's the opposite of what you thought before you read this next part), and I decided "Hey, I best make some bricks to store those resources," and I looked at...
  7. Mindlessmrawesome

    Conveyor Turntables.

    So today I was tweaking the internals of my Cuboidal Base in the TT_unstable R&D, and I noticed 3 things: Sometimes Seed AIs aren't treated as a component chunk and will bypass random filters they go by. The Hawkeye scrapper doesn't make it's dispensed chunks do the whole NoClip thing where...
  8. J

    So I've made this base

    Hello, I bought Terra Tech yesterday and since then played this basically non-stop and decided to build a main base. It is supposed to hold all kinds of chunks and components in their own seperate silos, be able to craft with them and sell those who would overfill. After some time I noticed...
  9. A

    New form of block management

    Before I begin, realize that this is my first post, so please understand that the formatting might be a little off. Thanks! So, I was thinking about the SCU one day and thought, "Why can't blocks be stored in the same way as resources? " After this thought had wandered into my mind, I began to...
  10. diamondnife

    Fabrication Help

    I made a fabrication base and when I fabricate something, only one of the refineries is used and all of the others are ignored. How do I make it so all of the refineries are used?
  11. Litsman3d

    My 7.4.3 base

    Well somehow my saves managed to load in the new 7.4.4 TT. But i cannot see the biome changes they made (i believe the seed has to do smthing with it...) So im gonna start over again the campaign i like to play. I found two of those "monuments" so ive built my next full base on one! but before i...
  12. Potato

    [] What I can say of the gameplay so far

    Pardon me for the vague thread title - I don't know what to put there, haha :) SO! I've been playing on TT_Unstable (on campaign) since yesterday, plenty of good stuff has been added and plenty of changes too. I've got some insight and questions, so please bear with me. 1) The resources do...
  13. Nightblade Greyswandir


    Hello to TTpeople! At this moment this is only game that I play, and that mean that I do not play Elder Scrolls Online, Civilization 6 and Elite Dangerous because of this game. Here I will post some interesting tech made mostly by me and some made by my 9 years old son who also love TT and...
  14. ilikegoodfood

    Corporation Base Blocks

    I know that there is no immediate intention of creation conveyors, collectors and everything else for all of the separate corporations, beyond fabricators and scrappers, but a discussion of what they might look like and how they might behave should still be productive, and hopefully fun. So here...
  15. Anjeloo

    Any Base ? Post Here!

    Hey guys! I want to see all your bases :D Share Your blessings;)
  16. FightBiscuit

    [] Landmarks have invisible Hitboxes just for Base building

    Hi, I just started the and found a Monolith. I noticed that i couldn`t attach blocks to anchored blocks near the Monolith. everything else works fine. 2 Pictures so you guys know whats going on: I cant attach the Battery to the solar Generator there At this side it works! FightBiscuit