1. Mindlessmrawesome

    Conveyor Turntables.

    So today I was tweaking the internals of my Cuboidal Base in the TT_unstable R&D, and I noticed 3 things: Sometimes Seed AIs aren't treated as a component chunk and will bypass random filters they go by. The Hawkeye scrapper doesn't make it's dispensed chunks do the whole NoClip thing where...
  2. S

    Christmas Tree invader.

    This seems like the right spot to give 'invader' shoutouts, I checked around and could not find any so I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. Whoever made the "happy holidays' invader made my christmas. One of my sons encountered it and he was foaming at the mouth about how cool it was. He...
  3. Mindlessmrawesome

    10 Things that should definitely be in the future of Terra Tech

    I understand that Terra Tech is still in it's early stages. Hawkeye was a HUGE update and an amazing one, but what it added in wasn't exactly what we are looking for. Games that keep adding content without functionality end up in big ditches where people see no reason to play, because once you...


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