artificial intelligence

  1. Z

    Please make better Enemy techs against Air Techs.

    Air techs are too Overpowered. I just need to make a flying tech and im invincible.. Also, every tech that is big enough is invincible. Maybe add some scaling system there the enemies get bigger/stronger the bigger/stronger (my-) tech is. maybe as an Aktivate/Deaktivate able function. (Edit...
  2. MrTwister - Multitech AI extreme dumbness

    Hi guys, so i've constructed a multi-tech that would have a main turrret and assigned a supposed "turret" AI to control the turret. (the turret is using the hover-bug and fan rotors for movement) Several things are going extremely wrong with the AI: 1) It is not trying to track or face the...
  3. M

    Faction AI

    From what I've noticed, there due to reworking of the AI GUI, there's a lacking in diversity for AI types. All four corporations have different AI blocks, yes, but they all function the exact same. So, this is what I propose for future AI development: GSO: Due to GSO being the most basic...
  4. reaperx1

    AI Suggestion

    As a way to make the AI able to fly could the AI be made to copy the players commands while the shift button is pressed by the player. That way they should be able to fly and fight even with the enemy detection range as it is. I don't know if that would be hard to do, but I figure it would be...
  5. HappyApathy

    Very basic RTS controls

    Left click (maybe Alt+left click) once to select (not switch to) a friendly tech, Alt+right click (right click itself is already used for camera panning) a spot make the tech move there, or on an enemy tech to make it attack it, would something like this be possible?
  6. HappyApathy

    The missing step between crafting and harvesting no one's really mentioned (supply lines)

    Recently there has been a lot of focus on improving the crafting system, there's also been many requests by players for an improvement in harvesting AI which is planned to be looked into by the devs. The overall goal here is to be able to create a system where resources are automatically...
  7. Faxtroid

    AI plane

    So I was jus messing around with gyros and built .. Bob The Biker It is fun and crazy Tech, but very hard to go uphill (I dare you to try :D ), then I created.. Bradley The Blur Fast two wheeled scout, gets over 100mph, climbing mountains much easier. It started to glide when I jumped from...
  8. T

    Awkward AI behaviour

    Hey there, I just finished my AI harvester and when I activated it, I guess you could call it AI troll mode activated. The AI just went backwards into the salt plains as hard as it could after mining literally one rock. Had to race after it to stop it again. I'm aware that the AI is not...
  9. BluCode

    Community Developed AI

    My suggestion is that the devs make an AI API, and let the community submit AIs. This would truly make the game original, while also improving the currently stupid AI. There could be competitions where the AIs are given an undisclosed bot to control, and then afterwards the ranked AIs could be...
  10. Cusuno

    Unofficial New Mission Concept (Including Characters and Relationship)

    I remembered how the devs showed rough concepts of characters in the February Dev Diary and came to the idea to redesign the current mission system. Here's how it looks like: [Concept made with Paint.Net] (Note: English isn't my primary language, so please have mercy if you see grammar mistakes...