another one?!

  1. The Grand Teki

    The Melon Kingdom!

    ...Partly a joke from the discord server, current melonians: @WhitePaw2002 @QuackDuck @The Grand Teki @Potato @Saints_Blizzard ALL MLEM THE HOLY MELON
  2. Legionite

    Earth Federation Forces Outpost Thread

    (Post here if you want to do any actions related to the EFF) Admiral AI Supercomputer (Not TAC): Current Mode: Relations and Information Current base status: Establishing... Defenses finished HQ finished Maintenance Center Finished Current Structures: Wall of 10000 Auto-Cannons- at 100%...
  3. Lord_Chaos

    Kingdom chronology

    Events do not have a set amount of time between them, this is just a rough order of them. 1. A few zesty peoples start saying "Lemon". 2. Lemon kingdom forms, the first of many to come. 3. Kiwi kingdom, formed from rage, erupts into existence and immediately challenges Lemon kingdom. 4...
  4. Boomik

    Kingdom Marketplace

    This is the new Kingdom Marketplace! Anyone from a kingdom can buy and sell blueprints and techs from other kingdoms! Make sure you're leader agrees, though, as it is using your kingdom's funds and you might be selling away your kingdom's secret techs. Make your prices reasonable, as no one is...
  5. Boomik

    Current status of all current kingdoms

    Here is the status of every kingdom like their allies, enemies, capable of, etc. I'm not gonna post their members because that's too much work. Lemon Kingdom: Very well defended kingdom. Has brute force but doesn't use it unless they have to on base defense only. Is looking for peace between...
  6. Boomik

    The Kebab Kingdom

    Welcome to the Current Kebab News: @Benbacon has been kicked from the kingdom for breaking the duel-citizenship rule, helping our enemy, and disobeying orders! Previous Kebab News: We not longer permit duel-citizenship to non-allies! Kingdom Allying Requirements: For a kingdom to ally us...
  7. The Grand Teki

    Another "kingdom": United Earth Space Operations (UESO)

    DISCLAIMER: This is mostly a roleplay, don't take everything seriously please! TerraTech flag variation: Affilates: Duck Republic: ALLIED Silver Fleet Systems: ALLIED Kiwi kingdom: AT WAR Lemon Kingdom: neutral Legion Region Kingdom TAC: ALLIED ChaOS: ALLIED Kebab Kingdom: ALLIED TGAF...