1. Matt

    TerraTech Coming to the Switch

    Yup! TerraTech is coming to the Nintendo Switch! You can pre-order on the Nintento eShop at 12pm local time.
  2. Matt

    Introducing - Ebz Ken-Lewis

    Hey Everyone! We've got a new bug hunter to introduce! @Ebz is a pro when it comes to finding those pesky bugs and (helping the coders) smushing them 'til they're gone. He's worked as a QA Tester on the Batman, Arkham series as well as some unannounced projects. Lets make him feel welcome!
  3. Matt

    A Better Future is Coming to TerraTech!

    That's right! The next corporation to come to TerraTech will be Better Future! Read all about them and when you'll get access to the all new blocks here.
  4. The Grand Teki

    As I mentioned in the stream...

    I will make Crafty Mike's son, C. Daniel and C. Mike's evil twin, I will post another thread with them, and delete this one, just felt like announcing it. :)