1. ZeroGravitas

    [1.0.1] Rotating anchor wild physics glitch and inconsitency

    When you remove an anchor to go from 2 to just one rotating anchor, that anchor is very prone to go utterly bananas if there's an extremal force acting on the tech. I've only tested this with that force being applied by suspended resource chunks pressing on the same tech when they'd like to be...
  2. ZeroGravitas

    [] Resource collision optimisation now disabled on rotating anchored techs

    Is this deliberate, or at least noted? This has come in, presumably, with the switch to physics based rotating anchored techs. Unlike on fixed anchored bases, the resources will now collide with the tech and with each other (e.g. in stacked silos). This will affect mobile, multi-purpose, techs...
  3. diamondnife

    Anchors and stuff

    What logical reason explains why the solar generators and anchored SCU have to be anchored in order to work. Same goes for large delivery cannon and normal furnace generator. And no I do NOT want answers about it being for game balancing purposes.
  4. F

    Help with anchor needed!

    So I created a mobilish base. It was set up on four anchor supports, which worked perfect fine... Until I took them off to equip wheels to put it on the move. I got it to the location that I wanted it, took off my wheels. and then threw the anchors back on, so it was an operating base again. The...