1. Epb7304

    selective anchoring

    buff it... please I should not have to struggle for 15 minutes until I physically move the anchor lower down for it to anchor properly, why is this so hard? please increase anchor reach
  2. Arkion_

    Rotating Anchor bug | Crazy physics glitch

    Okay! Where to start? This is my third post today, and i encountered by far, the craziest glitch I've ever seen in this game. The glitch involves Rotating anchors clipping into World gen structures. When you attach a cab to an anchor and let the anchor "auto anchor" into a block after canceling...
  3. A

    Block Ideas #1

    Hovering Anchor An anchor that will keep your hover crafts in one place. When you anchor with this it will send down what looks like a mini build beam and it will anchor a hovering tech wherever it is at. I'm thinking it may look like a small Geo Corp mining laser. Transport Cannon A gigantic...
  4. HeX

    Resource Chunks []

    I have not tested with other versions yet but I have noticed that resource chunks on thimble collectors stop rotating if the tech is anchored.
  5. ZeroGravitas

    [] Anchored suspended (stems not deployed, locked in position)

    I've seen this a couple of times now (but no video, sorry). Once in R&D, with the new explosive bolts turret tech, and tonight with my own crafting tech, pictured: The tech is locked in place, as if anchored. But no anchor stems are shown extended. In this instance the build beam was also...
  6. Epb7304

    geocorp long range anchor

    a geocorp block that is 4x2x4 (same as the largest geocorp building block) and can anchor even if its 2 behemoth geocorp wheels above the ground. (and a rotating version too)
  7. T

    stable bug: pre-anchor cognizance

    Please pre-anchor cognizance the ability to set an anchor or not. please? you could use a green laser from the satellite that floats us in build mode. so the normal white light with rings is there, but an extra green-beam comes down from above when an anchorable block is able to anchor the rig...
  8. ExileFox

    [ -] Anchored Techs gets detached from ground/rotating anchor

    So I tried to continue from an earlier save, and an intruder smashed most of my base to bits before i could take it down :( After that I noticed one of the AI guards where detached from it's anchor. And the other guard has detached self from ground :confused: See screenshot for the one that...
  9. TheSpaceMan

    [0.7.9] Weird Anchor getting out of ground Bug (R&D test chamber unstable)

    So I simply loaded my Tech in the R&D map (I think its nice) and tried anchoring at the tiny Hills.When i did,The anchor went out of the ground and couldnt rotate anymore (I think a savefile says more than 1000 words)
  10. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Anchors deploy through blocks attached beneath

    Like so: Creative save attached, just in case. I'm not sure if this is considered as the same bug as reported here by @Nightblade Greyswandir...?
  11. ZeroGravitas

    [0.7.9] Fabricators call resources they can't accept after unanchoring

    A systematic bug, as the title says. Like the scrappers continuing to run after unanchoring. Presumably an oversight of the consequences of adding dynamic anchoring, a while back. I'll come back and add a demonstration if necessary. (Just made a quick thread to remind myself.)
  12. ZeroGravitas

    [] Fans & propellers run silent on anchored techs

    I gather there's been changes to sound FX, maybe optimisations, even. All fans and propellers currently make no sound while running, when their tech is anchored. Even if they are helping turn a rotating anchor, etc. Rocket boosters seem unaffected, by comparison.
  13. ZeroGravitas

    [] Crash - anchored tech intersection (via rotational leverage or solar panels)

    So, this was a fairly inevitable consequence of allowing rotating anchored techs to collide with other anchored techs (I just didn't get around to breaking it in Crash dump attached - you know what it will say from other, similar reports. Yes, I caused this deliberately. But I...
  14. MishkaRose

    Mishka's Bugs and New Ideas

    this is a thread i will post all my bugs / ideas. lists are not in any particular order. Bugs : 1 : techs slide/bounce when your not moving them(anchoring them stops this because it stops all movement(reloaded the save if left unanchored might cause the tech to slide again)). 2 : blocks are...
  15. nikitaign Build Beam Bug {Stuck on pressing B and Anchor Tech simultaneously}

    I mentioned a thing, that the blue verical line doesnt disapear. 1) Go to any ground where you can anchor, flat ground recommended 2) You should have an anchor under you so you can anchor, but don't do it right now 3) Quickly press B and "Anchor Tech" button at the same time 4) You should drive...
  16. ZeroGravitas

    [] Bug - Scrappers continue functioning when de-anchored.

    Create a tech with a cab, scrapper (any corp) and storage space attached to it's output (e.g. a silo). Feed the scrapper a couple of blocks. Click to de-anchor the tech. Scrapper continues to hold the blocks and munch through them, outputting chunks and/or components. This looks particularly...
  17. nikitaign Techs don't anchor

    Hey, when i had a small tech and didnt have wireless chargers, i had to replace a battery from a tech to my base, so i can charge. But then i found out that you are able to anchor techs. But i placed some solar generators and on the bottom of my tech i placed an anchor block. Clicked the Anchor...
  18. UNITGX48

    GSO Terrain Anchor

    Basically I was getting fed up with my mobile base techs being unable to anchor anywhere that wasn't flat terrain... so I built a new one... But then got very annoyed at not having any ground clearance whatsoever and then getting hung up on every damn little rock... So I threw this little...
  19. ilikegoodfood

    Anchoring Tweeks

    Two small suggestions to improve the behavior of the anchor-tech function. 1) Increase the length of the anchor. This will help a lot with the tight anchoring checks and allow larger techs better mobility. Currently the anchor has to be placed under the tech, thus negating the benefit of the...
  20. diamondnife

    Anchors and stuff

    What logical reason explains why the solar generators and anchored SCU have to be anchored in order to work. Same goes for large delivery cannon and normal furnace generator. And no I do NOT want answers about it being for game balancing purposes.