1. Saelem Black

    [Community Guide] How to build Linear Motion Airships

    Introduction I’ve been meaning to make this guide for a while after questions from several community members concerning how to make airships around linear motion engines. From a historical perspective (as in 1.0 Stable and before) there were only two ways to make a true aerial tech. These were...
  2. Lord Zarnox

    Secondary Thrust Button (Doesn't provide full thrust, useful for stabilization of VTOL/Heli)

    Put simply, currently, if you wan't a helicopter/airship/VTOL/etc. to remain at a specific altitude, you will need to provide thrust is pulses, which is inconvenient, especially if you have rocket propulsion, or if you are trying to land gently, as you could suddenly be moving upwards which can...
  3. Chris Halse

    Airship; How does he do it

    Does anybody have any ideas how does the Chinese Steam user that goes by the name Sakura make his airships float without user input. As you can clearly see in the pictures below, they are well above the ground and not currency the selected tech. Any ideas please post them here.
  4. W

    Air Tech Update Concept

    I will admit to not being a player and most of what I know comes from watching LP's on Youtube, but one thing I've noticed in this game is how the flight mode has no real support for things like helicopters and airships. I feel like adding a 'hover mode' toggle which would cause all...