1. Nerf Craft

    A bunch of my ideas.

    Here is just a list of some of my ideas, both unlisted ones and ones I have talked about in the past. Hawkeye: 1) Fuselage jet engine: A 1x8x1 long booster with inbuilt fuel tank that has enough fuel for five minutes of sustained flight, but takes five minutes to refill when empty. Very heavy...
  2. Nerf Craft

    Flight Blocks

    Flying in Terra Tech is not the easiest thing in the world. And air to ground or air to air combat is nearly impossible without missiles. So here are a few new flight blocks to make planes more practical in almost every way. 1) Venture Geared Combat Wing Left/Right/Mid: Similar to the Venture...
  3. Faxtroid

    AI plane

    So I was jus messing around with gyros and built .. Bob The Biker It is fun and crazy Tech, but very hard to go uphill (I dare you to try :D ), then I created.. Bradley The Blur Fast two wheeled scout, gets over 100mph, climbing mountains much easier. It started to glide when I jumped from...
  4. R

    Planes are weak

    So, we all love flying in TerraTech. We all know, that planes cannot kill things. They don't pack enough punch in the amount of time that they pass over the enemy. I have done my best job, and have finally come up with a plane that can annihilate things. I have made a VERY LARGE plane that packs...
  5. cole

    AI planes + idea

    when will the AI come out for flying things? and can you guys add homing rockets as antiaircraft and air to air weapons? sorry for putting in General but the second is not actually an idea because VEN will have one won't it? BTW: please add a tag for AI
  6. spineless

    classic aircraft

    I present to you the Write brothers airplane its well balanced for low speed flight