1. Faxtroid

    AI plane

    So I was jus messing around with gyros and built .. Bob The Biker It is fun and crazy Tech, but very hard to go uphill (I dare you to try :D ), then I created.. Bradley The Blur Fast two wheeled scout, gets over 100mph, climbing mountains much easier. It started to glide when I jumped from...
  2. Terra Beetle

    Venture Bombardier

    I made a big venture bombardier: It packs two megatons, a lot of hail fire rifles, it's easy to fly and has batteries for ages. The boosters are only for takeoff and some bombarding maneuvers. This isn't the best angle of it tough. Feel free to download and test it! ;) Here it's making a...
  3. Terra Beetle

    Medium Air-Ground Fighter

    I made this fighter that is easy to fly, and has quite a firepower too. :) (You can download it)