1. B

    ZugBug Statue!

    Must I say anymore? Fine, here we observe a fine weedle in his natural habitat, doing... weedly things. I'm bad at this. A simple block that is a statue of ZugBug33's profile pic.
  2. J

    TerraTech Suggestions

    Dear TerraTech Team. I Would Greatly Appreciate If You Would Give This List A Look Over And Response, It Is Perfectly Okay If These Dont Get Implemented, I Just Wanted To Give My Ideas BLOCKS: WEAPONS BLOCKS GeoCorp - Nail Gun - Shoots nails that get stuck in the tech GeoCorp - Crane - used...
  3. RC-3197

    Anti-Missile Laser (Point Defense Laser)

    Hello developers and fellow Terra tech players, I'm RC-3197. I mod almost every game I own (except this one, there's no point making modding tools for a game that will eventually have them) Every time I do mod I usually start with a list of ideas, some of them are pretty insane, then I use...