1. Sozin

    PSA: Guide to Ideal (Mod) Bug Reporting

    This is a guide for the ideal way to report bugs with mods. It details all the steps needed to give the modders the best chance possible of fixing the bug Go through every single mod you have, carefully read the descriptions and requirements Mods may have requirements added or removed at any...
  2. Sozin

    0ModManager - Code Mod Support

    0ModManager 0ModManager is an Official mod that provides support for, and loads other Official mods. It is meant to eventually replace TTQMM (TTMM's built-in patcher), and provides the necessary code mod support that will allow for current TTMM mods to be moved onto the Official mod system. It...
  3. Sozin

    TTSMM - the UNOFFICIAL Official (Workshop) Mod Manager

    Are you annoyed by having to subscribe/unsubscribe from mods to enable/remove them in your game? I am. So over the past year, I've been working on a project: TerraTech Steam Mod Manager (TTSMM) THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL (NOT MADE BY PAYLOAD) MOD MANAGER. IT'S AN EXTERNAL PROGRAM USED TO LAUNCH THE...