1. M

    0.7.9 New Dupe Glitch

    I found out that there is a new dupe glitch and after reporting it on steam forums someone gave me a video of it. 1) Place an anchored block and whatever you want to dupe on the block. 2) Send blocks to inventory using right click drag option. 3) After blocks have been sent to inventory, grab...
  2. Zed

    [0.7.9] Silo "Stacking" Bug

    As Evidenced Here in this video by Vandel and in multiple Steam Workshop Crafting Techs it would seem that Fabrication-Oriented Blocks can be stacked in an exploitive manner similar to what was once possible with GSO Autominers. My Suggestion would be to increase the collision box of the Silo...
  3. drscott11

    0.7.9 All Blocks Unlocked Save with $800k+

    Just in time for Christmas, I thought I would share my 0.7.9 accelerated save that contains: 1. All Corps Unlocked & at Max Level 2. All Blocks Unlocked 3. $800k+ 4. Inventory with 50+ blocks of each type 5. Playable Crusader Tank, F16 Plane, and Steadfast Defender Turret Basically its...