1. Zed

    Increased Invader Randomization

    Per a Conversation during the 20th September CC twitch stream (@38min30sec - 41min30sec )regarding invader mechanics it was suggested that I post regarding the topic; specifically the lack of randomization during invader selection which leads to the player encountering the same invader multiple...
  2. Zed

    [0.7.7 Stable] Crash Folder

    Attached please find a crash folder archived with the relevant savegame and a copy of the output log from which I will be pointing out a couple odd messages. This was the only crash experienced during the Accelerated Save Campaign playthrough and does not seem to have impacted the savegame file...
  3. Zed

    [0.7.7 Stable] Destroy Enemy Army "Issue"

    While attempting to complete a GSO Grade 5 mission "Destroy Enemy Army" The quest would not permit itself to be completed in a timely fashion despite having destroyed all nearby enemy Techs; However, After returning to the mission many hours later (did not save or quit or crash in the interim...
  4. Boomik

    0.7.7 Bubbles still active in loose item form

    I encountered a bug today that makes bubbles still active in loose item form (block form, not attached to tech). Image here: As you can see the shield bubble I'm holding right now is still powered somehow. Don't know if it actually works, though. How to reproduce: Get a powered tech Put on a...
  5. Zed

    [0.7.7 Stable] Accelerated Campaign SaveGame

    First Entry of the Accelerated Campaign Save; Tutorial Complete w/ GSO Trading SCUs unlocked.