1. Zed Bug Report Window

    A Bug Report window occurred while placing a rolling STUD laser upon an anchored and charging tech; Despite the bug report prompting the exit of the TerraTech Instance no Crash Folder was Generated so here is the savegame file / Output log. This could be related to...
  2. Zed

    [] Broken Quest

    While approaching a suspicious package near a biome border (mountains overlooking desert with grasslands just beyond) I anchored (GeoCorp Rotating Anchor) just as "Hunh whats that noise" displayed; the assault force did not appear and the chest will not open.
  3. Zed

    [] New Blocks

    New Blocks: Added GeoCorp Refinery to GC Grade 2. Its recipe is: 2 x Plumbite, 3 x Titanite, 1 x Carbite, 1 x Oleite. Added Venture Double Booster to Grade 2. Its recipe is: 2 x Fibre Plating, 2 x Cyclone Jet, 1 x Thermo Jet. Added Venture 1-Way Steering Hover block to Venture Grade 3. Its...