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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Bøømik, Apr 21, 2017 at 11:36 AM.

  1. Bøømik

    Bøømik Member Beta Deluxe

    It will be very very useful if we had a filter reaceiver since we already have a Filter Conveyor for sorting and such, so you no longer need long a Conveyor system to sort and instead the filter receivers would make it much easier and better.
  2. elfdrow

    elfdrow Member

    actually this could be interesting.
    let me get this straight. you want a filtered receiver that only pulls the resources that the filter has selected right?

    I'm liking this idea XD

    I always add at least 1 generator to my builds. some of my helicopter techs are small 6x3x3 so I add receivers directly.
    and have to be constantly cleaning them from non combustible resources.
    so for me it would help a lot XD
  3. ilikegoodfood

    ilikegoodfood Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    You could also do this by slightly changing the function of the normal receiver, thus removing the requirement for a new block.

    If receiver output is filter, take filter list,
    else, take all.

    Whichever way it's done, I support this idea.
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